Pastor Chris Declares July to be the Month of Productivity

There was great excitement and rejoicing by the LoveWorld global congregation following the declaration of the theme of the month. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared the month of July to be the ‘Month of Productivity‘ at the Global Communion Service held on Sunday 5th of July. “This month, God is going to bless the works of your hands and you are going to be so productive,” Pastor Chris prophesied to all participants.

The End of the First Half

The last Global Communion Service for the month of June, the ‘Month of Prayer’ with Our man of God, was a most inspiring time of fellowship with the Holy Spirit and with one another in His love. It was an opportunity to exercise our spirits and change the current global situation through prayer. Pastor Chris promised that “we will activate and walk in the consciousness of the divine presence through Prayer this month, and enforce the will of the Father on the earth”.

This month Pastor Chris declared that “every effort will be rewarded with tremendous results. You are going to be so productive by the blessings of God’s spirit. So thank Him for it and as He guides you to whatever life tells you to do, do it! Experience the amazing blessings in your life, Hallelujah!”

During the service, Pastor Chris also dedicated time to pray for the sick. Calling out specific cases as led by God’s Spirit, he declared divine healing and wholeness upon those afflicted by different kinds of ailments. Congratulations to all who received desired miracles during the service and hearty congratulations to LoveWorld citizens for ‘the Month of Productivity’.

The Beginning of the Second Half

In this new season of productivity and as we step into this new dimension of grace, we’re full of gratitude to the Lord, as our prayers continue to produce extraordinary results in the realm of the spirit, and on a global scale, let’s keep the impact going as we get ready for an exciting new phase of our global prayers.

Join the Man of God, Pastor Chris, as he continues to lead a global prayer movement in the wake of rising Covid-19 cases across the world. Pastor Chris has strengthened the bonds that unite the Christian community under the Church of Jesus Christ. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everybody on a global scale, and through these communal prayers, Pastor Chris has helped to reinforce and strengthen the faith of believers. This has inspired a wave of positive change sweeping across communities and nations all over the world. In addition to leading a global prayer movement, Pastor Chris and the LoveWorld nation have initiated several humanitarian efforts delivering much need relief and aid to those devastated by the corona virus pandemic. The pastor launched a Global Emergency Relief Aid for ministers in dire need program that has impacted the lives of thousands of faith leaders around the world.

Let’s use the hashtag #PrayWithPastorChris because if we join in prayer, we will be stronger than ever.

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