Pastor Chris Celebrates His Birthday with International Day of Service

The LW International Day of Service is your opportunity to roll up your sleeves in service and “win souls by discharging a service of kindness that is tangible, and directed at a person, a group or an organization in your sphere of contact.”

The LW Day of Service is a rare opportunity to bring a smile to peoples faces around the world. The week-long initiative allows all Loveworld partners, members and friends of the ministry to embark on a journey of kindness and service to humanity. The day will also commemorate the birthday of the man of God himself, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The service begins on December 1st until the 8th and invites anyone to participate in an act of kindness in their hometown. In the past, participants have “engaged joyfully in a variety of activities including volunteering in healthcare, schools, educational activities, child care and safety, rehabilitation projects and the distribution of food supplies, gifts, and Christian materials.” With a variety of places to volunteer from, Loveworld citizen has made their contributions in places such as orphanages, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, prisons, and police stations. Millions of people have benefited from these efforts.

Delivering gifts to the needy. Loveworld News
Delivering gifts to the needy, Loveworld News

The initiative is implemented through a few large-scale outreach campaigns. These foundations include, “the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation which seeks to train young African leaders in both community and national projects; the Trauma Care International Foundation- an NGO set up to improve the health status and life expectancy of local inhabitants by promoting better trauma care and emergency response services; the Inner City Mission for Children, another platform inspired by Pastor Chris that reaches out to indigent children living in forgotten places – the inner cities”, and many others.

Community cleaning on BLW Int'l Day of Service, Loveworld News
Community cleaning on BLW Int’l Day of Service, Loveworld News

This year, the Loveworld International Day of service promises to be more remarkable than ever before as members of Christ Embassy globally are set to impact their world with the investment of their personalities, as they have been taught by Pastor Chris. The celebration of humanity will bring fulfillment that comes with rendering an act of kindness to the one in need of it.

Loveworld volunteers in India last year, Loveworld News
Loveworld volunteers in India last year, Loveworld News

This year, the Loveworld International Day of service promises to be “more remarkable than ever before”, as global members of Christ Embassy eagerly set out to impact the world with their many humanitarian efforts.
The president of Christ Embassy has lectured endlessly on the importance of service to society, and his efforts are indicative of his unbreakable commitment to community building. Pastor Chris has repeatedly expressed that these are the very virtues that make up the foundation of Christ Embassy.

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