Pastor Chris Breaks Guinness World Record

Pastor Chris put Christ Embassy Church in the history books at the recent Trauma Care International Blood Drive, an organization that aims to, according to the recent Loveworld report motivate “people from all over the world to understand the importance of blood donation and encourage them to take part in blood drives worldwide.”

The Importance of Donating

As a part of the effort, and to commemorate the Annual Blood Donation Day, the man of God took the initiative to put this into action with an organized blood drive for all Loveworld citizens. Nigeria and many surrounding nations have been hard hit by various afflictions, just some of which involve war and disease. A full and functional blood bank is crucial at times like these, which is why the Loveworld president took it upon himself to create such an initiative.

The mission of the Trauma Care International Foundation is to enable the smooth operation of health services to the injured and sick. In addition, the foundation distributes care and emergency response services during times of crisis. All the services provided are subsidized by the foundation and free to people who are financially ill-equipped to pay for these services themselves.

The Massive Turnout 

The result was an overwhelming success that attracted thousands within a span of 8 hours, barely half a day! Person after person continued to flow in, to the point where the Guinness World Record for most blood donated in the history of the world was broken right there and then. These people who gathered to donate blood for people desperately in need, arrived with love and kindness in their hearts, inspired by the call to help and serve their fellow brethren.

A Christmas Carolling Record 

To say that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stopped at only one Guinness World Record would not be true, for the man broke it once more at the last Christmas Carol Service in Lagos. The service that was held at the Loveworld Convocation Arena had a whopping 12 000 Loveworld citizens singing praises for the birth of Jesus Christ.  What’s more, the carolers had zero knowledge of the impact that they were making, discovering only at the end of the evening, that they had in fact broken a world record. Pastor Chris revealed to the tunefully teeming crowd that the Christ Embassy choir was the largest Gospel Choir of all time, an announcement that was met with deafening cheers.

It won’t be long until the man of God breaks yet another world record. With the amount of Rhapsody Distributions world-wide, it will no doubt happen at any moment!  To learn more about the TCIF, visit the website and follow the foundation’s SuperUser account on KingsChat.


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