Pastor Benny and Robia Scott Talk About the Pure Flix Film ‘Unplanned’

Unplanned tells the story of Abby Johnson, a volunteer turned Planned Parenthood branch director who became an anti-abortionist. The film was made by the leaders in Christian cinema, Pure Flix Productions.

Johnson began volunteering at Planned Parenthood clinic in 2001 after noticing them on her university campus. There she worked at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan, Texas for eight years, “escorting women into the clinic from their cars and eventually working as director of the clinic.” In 2009, for the very first time, as God would have it, Johnson found herself in the operating room where she witnessed an abortion take place in front of very eyes. This would change her forever.

Fast forward into 2019 after a worldwide media storm, Abby Johnson’s story is now a moving motion picture starring Robia Scott and Ashley Bratcher.

The highly esteemed Pastor Benny Hinn was particularly taken by the powerful impact of the film, that he personally invited one of the leading actresses, Robia Scott to discuss the powerful message behind it. Scott plays the cunning head of Planned Parenthood’s Texas division.

Despite the controversy surrounding it and the heavy pushback from pro-abortionists, ‘Unplanned’ has done astonishingly well at the box office and is now being released in 1200 cinemas (An amount that was originally was set to be 800).
Pastor Benny claimed that after learning about the film, “his life will never be the same”. The Loveworld leader pointed to the tragic fact that among the daily deaths in America, abortions are not even accounted for. After seeing the powerful trailer of the film, Hinn added: “we need a revival in this country.”

According to Religion Unplugged Magazine, the film “had a meager $6 million budget.” The real woman behind the story is of course also a big advocate for the film, affirming she agreed to the production of this film “to truly amplify God and to make Him a household name and show His redemptive power,” she said during a conference call with journalists and the public recently. “Because none of it is about me. I mean, this is really His story. And so I just kept having to put that at the forefront of my mind.”

Johnson continued, commenting on the timing of the film by adding “the focus of so much in our country right now is on late-term abortion… The conversation we really need to be having is about the majority of abortions, and that’s in the first trimester. And that’s exactly what this film depicts.”

For information on theaters showing Unplanned click here. The website will also have information for theater buyouts for large groups.

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