Pastor Airen Brings us the Tune of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Airen released his brand-new song ‘Nothing Without You”. The song is a tribute to the Holy Spirit and the work he does for us. The Pastor says that the “lyrics are a constant reminder that He is the very essence of our existence and without him we are nothing. It brings to the forefront of our consciousness the fact that we are walking in the will of the Spirit on a daily basis. This song is invigorated with a power to change and you will surely be blessed as you listen.”

The gospel producer and artiste got his inspiration from the Holy Spirit, saying that through his fellowship with God, he is given endless creativity, something that all gospel artists are fortunate enough to receive. Loveworld artists are infused with the power of Him, as well the spirit of the man of God, who from the beginning of their musical journeys, who instils his select artistes with the force of the Holy Spirit.

These artistes are given a platform by Pastor Chris to spread their words and minister to millions of people around the world on mega stages. Pastor Airen has said about his worship song “this worship song brings (Him) to the forefront of our consciousness that truly He is our everything an because of Him, there is no seemingly impossible situation or challenge we can’t overcome!”

“He is the same Spirit that raised Jesus and He is Alive in us! So no matter the situation you find yourself, you sing this you know you have the victory.” Pastor Airen indeed preaches some powerful words about the impact gospel music can have on you. The producer and musician feeds his fans the nourishment that is the words and melodies of his God-inspired music.

I guess we all have Loveworld president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to thank for nurturing and boosting such incredibly talented musicians

Listen to the song here.



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