October is the ‘Month of Visualization’

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced at the just concluded Global Communion Service that October will also be the ‘Month of Visualization’. “There are some key things that many of us have not taken advantage of, for which reason the Lord is pressing further,” Pastor Chris explained as the previous month, September was also ‘the Month of Visualization’.

The Word of God is immutable and infallible; its integrity is unquestionable. The Word is able to produce in and for you the message that it bears. God’s Word is everything. Any change or miracle you desire in life is possible through the Word. God’s Word is His material for your blessing, which is why you must get the Word into your spirit; trust and live in the Word.

Gain is not Godliness

Pastor Chris cautioned the global congregation by saying: “Don’t measure your success with earthly things; gain is not Godliness.”

Our man of God has told us in the past that prosperity is beyond money; the presence or absence of money doesn’t change your state or condition spiritually, and therefore shouldn’t change your testimony of God. Money is a tool. If you require something, and your money isn’t enough for it, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it; you can get it free! That’s the life of prosperity I’m talking about. God never said, “Except you have the money, nothing will be yours”; rather, He said plainly, “…all things are yours” (1 Corinthians 3:21). What’s important is the purchasing power, and your purchasing power isn’t money, it’s your faith! You’re what God says you are, irrespective of the currencies you have at hand or don’t have.”

God gives you what to look at, and usually, He wants you to see with the eyes of faith. It doesn’t matter how people see you; what matters is how you see yourself: the perception and opinion you’ve formed of yourself, on the basis of what the Word says about you. See “you” with the eyes of God, and live what you see! Don’t look at things from the physical perspective, and form conclusions that are based on sensory perceptions. God doesn’t want you to live that way. He wants you to see from your spirit and make the right judgments. Before the physical manifestation of the supernatural and glory of God in your life, you must see it first within you. Once you can see it with the eyes of faith, it’s yours. You must first have it within.

September was also the ‘Month of Visualization’

Last month at the September Global Communion Service, Pastor Chris announced: “God wants us to use our visual powers and you’re going to use yours.”  This month at the October Global Communion Service he explained: “It is our Month of Visualization. God actually wants you to see the unseen. See it with a heart of purity. A heart of righteousness and God will show you this pure dream, pure vision. What a pure desire in your heart. Not earthly, not worldly, not carnal dreams of men.”

Pastor Chris explained that God wants His people to always look and see. He taught that God’s plan is for his people to hold visual images of their desires in various aspects of their lives, reckoning that visualization is the design of life and circumstances. “Construct your life with thoughts and words; intentionally use visualization this month,” Pastor Chris charged the saints, directing them to cast down all contrary circumstances that seem not to align with what they visualize.

With the declaration of the message for the month, millions around the world have been stirred to use their faith to enrich their minds and spirit with materials for building their lives and their circumstances and create the life we want using the visual powers we have.

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