Numerous Blessings From The IPPC 2019

When Pastor Chris announced that November was the ‘Month Of Blessings’ he told us to be conscious of them. The blessings given and received during the IPPC have been numerous. On giving a welcome speech to the IPPC the Secretary-General of the LoveWorld nation. Pastor Kayode Adesina said that the conference would reveal outstanding insights that will increase the magnitude of the Fellowship with the Holy Spirit for the pastors and partners. This is a true blessing from the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Pastor Chris imparting wisdom at IPPC 2019

A conference for praise and inspiration

Attending such a conference is a blessing. The IPPC prepares everyone for greatness and growth in the ministry. Highly Esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips praised the dedication of the partners and emphasized the achievements they have made across the globe. She went on to point out that the impact of Christ Embassy activities has been ‘phenomenal’


Insightful panel at the IPPC 2019

In a review of the progress of the ministry in winning souls, she said that never before has there been such a great impact on the winning of souls. The IPPC sessions provide opportunities for illumination and the development of impactful leadership. She said “men will rejoice in our lights. We have been shining our lights, these are feats of faith and love.”
The many successes of the ministry are because the missions are undertaken with love and care. The Rhapsody of Realities is currently available in 1800 languages. This bible is often called the Messanger Angel and is used to deliver the Good News of the Gospel to people in a language that is relevant to them.

The Healing School has two locations, in South Africa and also in Canada. It helps a huge amount of people. There have been delegates sent from over 200 countries in attendance.
In rounding up some of the major achievements of Christ Embassy Church it highlights what can be achieved and encourages pastors and partners to continue to achieve great things. The Youth Campus Ministry has 296 campuses in 103 countries where young souls are won. This year saw the Global Youth Conference reach many people and have a huge impact.

Amazing achievements of Christ Embassy

Uncommon victories are achieved as outreach continues in places though unreachable. Places like Iraq, Qatar, and Lebanon have been penetrated. News like this edifies the spirit and build resolve to achieve more. Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International has opened schools and medical facilities thanks to the dedication of their partners.

Pastor Deola Phillips concluded that without partners nothing is possible. She developed this idea further stating that the IPPC is a celebration of lights and “you are the lights. We are here to be impacted. Workshops, exhibitions, awards, savor the glory of God” she said.
These are the numerous blessing bestowed upon the ministry and its partners during November. The IPPC is a blessing from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to all of us. The blessing from the Christ Embassy and its partners upon those who have welcomed Christ into their lives is eternal.

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