New Season of Blessings by the Word in 5-day Praise-A-Thon 

It is yet another season of the soul-uplifting Your LoveWorld Praise-A-Thon with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn. Already on the second day of the 5-day Praise-A-Thon program, for the ‘Month of Praise’, global audiences are participating live via all LoveWorld Networks and other internet platforms. The program will run until Friday the 27th of August.

Previous episodes of this powerful program revealed the awesome manifestation of the power of God. As usual, the President of LoveWorld Inc., Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and world-renown televangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn are joined by seasoned ministers of the Gospel including Bishop Clarence McClendon, Dr. Mike Smalley, Evang. John Avanzini, Dr. Richard Roberts, and Bishop James Payne ministering God’s timely Word to God’s people during the different sessions of the broadcast.

Day 1 Opens with Praise and Love

Day one offered an inspiring opening session from the Esteemed Bishop James Payne, Dr. Mike Smalley, and Esteemed Pastor Ose Oyakhilome.

“This program is of continuous praise, thanksgiving to God and acknowledging the power and grace in the Gospel,” Pastor Chris emphasized when he officially announced the program. He has encouraged everyone to participate in festivities of praise.

”It is easy to prosper when you hear the word of God and do the word.  We need to focus on Jesus. Why do we give? Is it for position in the church or do we really love the Lord? I told you it is all about finishing well,” Pastor Benny Hinn told the global audience as he instructed them to participate in the special time of fellowship with the Word and the Spirit.

”God gave you abilities. No one can say ”I cannot prosper”, because you have abilities that will cause you to prosper if you nurture what God gave you.” He went on to add: “We are not here for any other reason except one: Because we adore and love Jesus. That is it. That is the only reason we are here because He is all in all to us.”

“This is Praise-A-Thon. It is praise, not tell, Praise-A-Thon. We want to praise the Lord, and God will do the rest. So, I want you to focus on Jesus, just place your eyes on Jesus. That is all we have to do,” Pastor Benny continued.

Pastor Mike Smalley offered praise and thanks when he said: “What a day it is to serve Jesus Christ, to represent Him on the Earth, and it is a bad day for the devil. It is going to be a bad week for the devil because of what is happening in the family of God through LoveWorld. I am so thrilled to be here today, I am so excited. Thank you, Bishop Payne, thank you, Pastor Ose, what a privilege to always be here physically with the two of you.”

“And to our great man of God, Pastor Chris, in Nigeria. Thank you so much for the honor of being here today and being part of the LoveWorld Ministry, team, family. It is a joy, it is a privilege. Thank you so much for all that you do around the world. You inspire us to share the gospel of the Lord, Jesus Christ. We do not take it lightly. We are honored. We are with you,” he went on to add when he shared the three realities of the end-time believer.

3 Realities of End-Time

Firstly, Pastor Mike Smalley enthused at Your Loveworld Praise-a-Thon, no more weakness. You’re not weak, you’re strong. You’ve got everything you need to do everything you need.

Secondly, he continued, no retreat! We don’t go backwards. It’s upward and forward. From glory to glory, from victory to victory.

And lastly, no more lack. The reality is that the Lord has already been good to you. You have all things, the Pastor declared to the global audience.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity of being ministered the Word of God by these seasoned Ministers.

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