New Phase of ‘Your LoveWord Special with Pastor Chris’ to Begin Soon

As we continue into the ‘Month for Watching and Praying‘, we are looking forward with excitement and anticipation to the new phase of our most popular and widespread program, ‘Your LoveWorld Special with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This will be Phase 3 of Season 5, slated to place from Tuesday, April the 19th to Friday, April the 22nd.

As usual, billions of people from around the world will be joining the live broadcast.  It will be 4 extraordinary days of divine revelation of the Word with our Man of God.

Through this special program, we are aiming to reach over 7 billion souls for Christ, as many LoveWorld believers have testified that the episodes have given them a structure in their lives during the worldwide lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that gripped the world during the last 2 years.

It’s a new phase for season 5, of the most-watched program across the globe, that has spanned the two-year difficult situation. Since its inception, it has been renewed continuously with over 170 episodes.

Recapping Some Great Moments

At the beginning of the last phase of Season 5, Pastor Chris Oyahhilome told the global audience: “Consider the message of salvation going to more than 7 billion people. Thank God that we are doing what He’s called us to do, and we will achieve our goals.”

The edition first phase of Season 5 was characterized by a great awakening to reality when Pastor Chris shared uncommon verities from the scriptures. He also revealed that satanic cults around the world were uniting on a solid front because of the significance of the times. “There’s a move by these satanic powers to synergize their efforts, with the hope of installing a leader to drive the system in the direction they want to go,” he remarked while explaining the signs of the end times.

That edition of the program exposed the symbols of the devil and his agents in these last days. The man of God, Pastor Chris revealed the different lies of the mainstream media and different governments who have been misleading and oppressing their citizens.

In Season 3, Pastor Chris surpassed all expectations when said: “Begin living the life you want to live, by the power of God. God is showing you a greater way to live, better opportunities. God will give you ideas.“

The impact of this program since it began 2 years ago has remained an oasis of hope, strength, and upliftment for millions of people worldwide, as had been proven by tit’s continued growth in popularity. The invaluable teachings of the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome during the broadcast have saved many from the devastation of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Celebrating a reach of over 6 billion persons around the world, ‘Your LoveWorld Specials’ has served as a beacon of light, faith, and truth to millions of people, but now the mandate has been raised to reach over 7 billion souls with the Word of God, taking the Gospel to every corner of the earth during this ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’.

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