More to Come for The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation and Partners

The need for support and care for young people in under-developed and less fortunate regions is greater than ever before. With the number of natural disasters and acts of terrorism steadily rising throughout the world, the youth are seriously at risk. The innocent lives of our children are being tainted and altered to accept and, by the unending grace of God, to overcome the difficulties of life, and we do not always have the means to protect them.

The InnerCity Mission for Children is a faith-centered non-governmental organization (NGO) under the umbrella of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation (COFI). Together with the InnerCity Mission for Children, the Volunteer Medical Corp, Bible for all Missions, and the Humanitarian Volunteer Network. With great support and prayerful decision making, the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation sent representatives to Minna, Nigeria in hopes to present an upcoming initiative to the governmental offices of Niger State. Just before the year 2018 ended, the team arrived at the State Government House in Minna where they were kindly welcomed by Deputy Governor Alhaji Mohammed Ketso, representative of the recently reelected Executive governor, Abubakar Sani Bello. Ketso represented the State Executive Council, as well as the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

The setting was perfect for leaders and pastors to present the Hope Relief Mission Project under the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation and share the great efforts behind this new initiative. Together, the two parties shared their grief regarding the disheartening devastation that the country has undergone recently and the ways in which the Nigerian Government has been working tirelessly to reconstruct and rebuild all that has been destroyed in the flood disaster.

Deputy Governor, Alhaji Mohammed Ketso pointed to the areas that not only need physical rebuilding but also are desperate for spiritual rebuilding of the now devastated lives of those affected. This meeting was extremely encouraging to both the people of Niger State and the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation community. After the foundation shared their plans to provide aid to Niger State, Ketso expressed his willingness to support the humanitarian efforts of COFI.


What a monumental moment for all! With further support from major NGO agencies and larger humanitarian organizations in various UN countries, the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation hopes to assist in the restoration and rehabilitation of poverty and disaster struck regions around the world. Within the multifaceted foundation, there are many unique opportunities for countries and states to receive such aid.

Following this initial meeting that took place towards the end of last year, the people of Niger State rejoiced over being the first state to receive this relief. They look forward to partnering with the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation to minimize the damage done by the flooding in Nigeria.

While the efforts of the foundation reach to meet such great physical needs, there is always an opportunity to share the gospel and bring encouraging words and offerings to these regions and to speak to the spirit of the people living amongst the chaos. As the man of God, Pastor Chris said once “those who haven’t learnt to function from their spirits are the ones dominated by natural forces and circumstances.” The Hope Relief Mission Project, as it serves within the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation aspires to provide both physical and spiritual relief to victims and citizens of disaster struck places.

It is with great hope in God that this mission has been established in order to serve a purpose in which none other could. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is highly adored by much of the Nigerian community, and in Niger State specifically. The partnerships that can be made through this incredible foundation could unite people all over the world. During this initial meeting, state government officials were blessed and ministered to by Pastor Sam Bala of Christ Embassy in Minna. This is only a glimpse into the potential possibilities that await us as the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation continues to reach the world.


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