Ministers of the World Unite With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Yesterday saw the beginning of the new season of ‘Your LoveWorld Specials’ with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Benny Hinn, and various other Ministers and Pastors as they shared heartfelt prayers and insights with the billions of viewers that joined the spectacular event worldwide on all global LoveWorld Networks.

These amazing ministers shared some deep revelations as they prepared the hearts of billions around the world for what’s coming, in the next 7 days on this specially packaged edition of ‘Your Loveworld Specials and Praise-a-Thon’.

“Many Angels are working with the Church in the earth in preparation and the demons are also preparing in this ‘Year of Preparation’,” Pastor Chris told the global audience. “There are myriads of angels in the earth working with the church in preparation for the Lord’s coming, these last days. This meeting was divinely orchestrated for God’s people at this time. Satan is aware that the time for the return of the Lord is due. He is trying all he could to take advantage of situations in the world to jump-start his operations ahead of time because he only has three and a half years to complete his works after the rapture.

We are getting ready for a critical period in the history of the Church. It’s a period that the Apostles of old yearned to be a part of, but their glory was separated from ours. This is our time, the Lord has committed so much into our hands and we won’t fail. No matter what you are going through in your life today, don’t despair, don’t lose hope, keep your trust in Him. Set your gaze on the Master Jesus Christ, He is coming soon.”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preaches to billions of participants worldwide

Ministers and Pastors Join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

”God is preparing us to be seers. Everybody is not called to be a prophet. A prophet is a revealer of known truths while a seer is a perceiver of hidden truths,” Pastor Dan Willis explained on ’Your LoveWorld Specials & Praise-A-Thon’. “Whatsoever is bound on earth is bound in heaven. Nothing leaves Heaven until something leaves earth”.

”God is preparing us to be seers” – Pastor Dan Willis

”God is not looking for you to do a hundred things. God is looking for you to do one thing” Evangelist Dr. Mike Smalley told his global audience, “We have minutes to reach millions!” There’s a grace on every speaker this week. God’s gonna use our words to paint on the canvas of your spirit man.”

Dr. Mike Smalley explained the four miracles of a born again life to the live global audience:

  1. Christ in you
  2. Favor all around you
  3. Authority from within you
  4. Supernatural harvest coming towards you
Dr. Mike Smally joined Pastor Chris at the LoveWorld Special

“One man’s plague is another man’s wonder. You are not in a time of plague, you are in a time of wonder God has ordained specifically for you!”

“I believe God has raised Pastor Chris, this network & all the things you’re doing around the world to prepare the Nations of the earth for the final exodus project.” Bishop Clarence McClendon shared with the audience. “The curse of the Lord is not God doing something.  The curse of the Lord is God not doing something.”

”I am the Lord who makes a difference. I have ordained you in this season to make a difference, and to show you off!” – Bishop Clarence McClendon

Bishop Clarence McClendon continued to minister, saying “God knows the end from the beginning, He knew about all that is happening today but He trusts us to come out victorious. In this Exodus period, there will be a massive harvest and many will come to the faith.  The same plague that was an affliction on the Egyptians, was a praiseworthy wonder to the children of Israel. It’s matters which side you are on. Nothing should scare you because you are of God”.

“I believe God has raised Pastor Chris, this network & all the things you’re doing around the world to prepare the Nations of the earth for the final exodus project” Bishop Clarence McClendon

Bishop James Payne added that “When you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before. When God talks to you, he’ll talk to someone about you”.

Bishop James Payne joined the esteemed Pastor Chris to wow the audience with his ministerings

The greatest proof of Love is giving. God is challenged by givers. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preached to the inspired participants, ”God is challenged by givers. Givers move the heart of God.” ”We must act like people who have a kingdom. We must act like people who have an interest.” ”You have to show with your resources that the kingdom of God means something to you, otherwise you will be forced to live under wicked rules made by men who don’t know God.” ”If you don’t commit yourself financially to the kingdom of God, you won’t experience the supernatural. There is a promise of blessings for giving, but receiving doesn’t have a promise.”

“There’s no more time to waste, we are on the last lapse! God’s people are not going to be begging. The word is burning inside our hearts and nothing can stop us” – Pastor Ose Oyakhilome

All the Pastors and Ministers were joined in this beautiful time of worship with the choir led by the wonderful Pastor Onos, as everyone heralded the great name of our Lord Jesus. There’s no name like the name of Jesus!


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