Are you a Minister of God? Come Join the ISMMNC2018!

Are you a minister of the Gospel? Do you have a deep desire to be a more influential and effective minister? Then the 2018 International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference (ISMMNC) with Pastor Chris is where you need to be.

Being a minister and leading people in the right direction of faith is not always easy. The ministry is a leadership role that needs to be reinforced constantly. It’s crucial for every Jesus faith-leader to understand that the ministry is not just an organization, it’s a community you must lead with love.

The International School of Ministry (ISM) is a place to expand your ministerial education and learning. Being a part of an ISM event is an opportunity to experience close mentoring from our man of God, Pastor Chris. Allow yourself to be inspired by Chris Oyakhilome’s healing ministry, it will give all students the chance to feel the divine depth of the Lord’s work.

The conference is a chance for you to mingle amongst people that share the unity of faith in Jesus Christ. Refreshing your ministerial abilities is a way to show your commitment to your church and community.

What to expect?

The conference will take place on April 30th – May 2nd in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The conference will equipt you with the necessary tools to deal with every struggle you face as a minister of God. Programs will include compelling teachings on pastoral leadership, biblical financial principles, church administration, congregation management, and much more.

The ISM has a clear vision to expose its students of God to ministry teachings through hands-on demonstrations of God’s Word. This strategy empowers them to carry the message of eternal life in Jesus Christ, bearing witness to the miraculous power of God.

The teachings at the ISM are for every minister of the Gospel. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or the language you speak if you are a minister of God your place is here. If you desire growth, expansion and in-depth knowledge of God’s word in your life and ministry, then you are welcome to an impactful and refreshing experience at the ISM.

Register now for this amazing conference!

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