Mere Days Away from the 6th Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

Join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and billions of others for the June Global Day of Prayer from Friday, June 25th, through to Saturday, June 26th, live on all LoveWorld Networks and various internet platforms. It’s time to further enact God’s will in the earth through prayers, as we pray in consonance with God’s will when we pray in the Spirit.

“Irrespective of what we have said… It does not matter what we shouted. It does not matter what we sang. It does not matter what we asked for if He did not answer. If He did not respond. It meant nothing. What He told us… He will always hear us. He told us that we have His ear. Every time we pray, we have God’s ear,” Pastor Chris said at the very first Global Day of Prayer, held a year ago. This saw the largest gathering of people, reaching almost three billion participants at the time of its conclusion.

We are concluding the ‘Month of Prayer’ with the second ‘Global Day of Prayer’ for the ‘Year of Preparation’, which will take place for a full 24 hours. This will be the 6th Global Day of Prayer so far.

Last year saw Pastor Chris Oyakhilome host four Global Days of Prayer, all of which exceeded all expectations by gathering millions of viewers from all over the world.

Our Man of God was joined by close friend and televangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, as they prayed together against the coronavirus.  They continued to do so throughout the ‘Year of Perfection‘.

“A year ago, precisely on the 27th of the month of March, 2020, Pastor Benny Hinn and I led a global prayer meeting because we realized that what was happening in the world, and nations had been seized, gripped with fear, and did not know where to turn. They had no idea what was going on. Families were afraid, men and women were afraid, children were afraid, governments were afraid, and some government leaders called it an unknown enemy. They said, ‘how can we fight this unknown enemy?’ Well, at the time when we called for that prayer program, ministers around the world joined us by the millions,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has told his audience.

Point of Prayer

This is our prayer today: “Pray and thank the Lord especially for the impact of the Global Day of Prayer on Youth and Teenagers all around the world. Pray and intercede especially for the young people who have been deceived by the adversary and are being used to perpetrate evil and violence in the nations; declare that the grace of God that bringeth salvation is extended to them at this time and they turn completely to the Lord. Pray and declare that the influence of the sponsors of evil over their lives is completely broken, and their eyes are open to see the lies and deceit of the enemy. Declare that as a result of the Global Day of Prayer millions of young people around the world receive salvation and become ministers of the Gospel.”

How to Prepare

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