LoveWorld USA’s Move to Verizon is Spreading at an Unprecedented Speed


Have you heard the news? LoveWorld USA’s move to Verizon, one of the largest TV networks in the US, has hit the news cycle. The move to the network is just one out of many steps that indicate the great expansion the LoveWorld church is undertaking in the recent years.

Pray for LoveWorld’s success

Thank you to Pastor Chris for the prayer that he held last week for the prayer council group that he held. We have endless appreciation for that man of God, who all week long worked with his church and worked with the people to teach them how to pray, pray in the Holy Spirit. To teach them what they should be doing and how they can win souls for the kingdom. As well as Pastor Benny who has a heart for ministry, healing, and miracles. The prayer that he has won and the things that they’ve done in their meetings. These men are men of God. They pray for LoveWorld, they pray for the church and I admire them what they do. Remember to keep them in prayer.

Pastor Christ for what he’s doing in this ministry in Africa and all the networks, and Pastor Benny as well for it. Together they have a vision for LoveWorld, and they knew that the LoveWorld USA network could change lives and could change the world. They came together with that vision. We’re seeing it play out now every day.

It’s exciting to see what they’re going to be doing in the future. So let’s please remember to pray for our pastors, and pray for the success of this LoveWorld network because this is what you guys have brought to fruition. This is because of you that we have this network. LoveWorld is here because of you, no one else.

We want to encourage others to watch so that we can see LoveWorld USA expand around the world and be a global ministry.

LoveWorld in the news

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