LoveWorld USA is Now Offering Biblical Hebrew Lessons!

Do you ever find yourself entirely blown away at the vastness of God’s Word? Perhaps you have memorized a specific verse your whole life and have always understood it one way until you hear a teaching on this verse that changes everything. One interpretation may not be more correct than another, however, the context becomes absolutely necessary in order to truly grasp the richness of the Word of God.

As most of us know, the Bible was written in the original Hebrew and Greek language, but can we really understand everything as it’s translated into English? Over the last 2,000 years, the Bible has been studied, researched, translated, translated and translated again. This is the power of the Living Word, that transforms us and ministers to us across translations.

Several words and phrases that were written originally in Hebrew do not even have complete and accurate translations in other languages. Just imagine the revelation we are missing out on because of this!

Hebrew is a truly spiritual language, given by the very breath of the Lord. Through total exile, diaspora, and every form of tragedy and displacement the Israelites have endured, there is no reason for the language to have sustained and become stronger now. This is God’s own language and He alone is the One preserving it. The Hebrew language is a miracle in and of itself, showing the resilience of God’s people and His faithfulness to us.

LoveWorld USA has just announced something incredible that has never been offered before; Biblical Hebrew Lessons! You have the chance to study the Bible in the original text, as it was intended to be understood. With Pastor Benny Hinn and Man of God Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, LoveWorld has teamed up with Hebrew scholars to bring you five incredible sessions of Hebrew language learning.

Pastors, students, evangelists, new and seasoned believers – this is for all of you! Allow the Spirit of the Living God show you new revelation in His Living Word as you break down the true depth and complexity of the Scriptures.

In order to purchase your Biblical Hebrew curriculum, simply call +1(855)-378-9993 or send an email to with the subject “I want to learn Hebrew” and LoveWorld USA will send you all the materials you need to get started on your journey of understanding the Holy Scriptures more deeply.

In just five sessions, you will receive endless revelation and teaching as your eyes begin opening to the hidden truths within this miraculous and resurrected language. Shalom!

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