LoveWorld Stars Uncapped: Work and Service

LoveWorld Stars Uncapped is a new show on LoveWorld USA TV for all those that see music as a tool to worship the Lord. The two hosts, prize-winning Eben and Martin PK, are famous music ministers with the Christ Embassy Church. They’ve both participated in LIMA events and other gospel performances. The episode has live performances of the hosts as well as a deep insight into their personal take on faith and worship.

Every show these two talk about a topic that will change your lives forever. In this show, they discussed work and service in the House of the Lord. Work and service may look and seem like the same thing, and yet there is a whole world of difference between them.

If you serve God you’re entrusted with everything going on. The one that serves God has a certain mindset that the one that works for God doesn’t possess. When you work for God you want to be specific with your job description, you can only handle giving out the shots. Other jobs in the service of God do not talk to you since you work for God and do not serve Him. But when you serve God, you’re looking for every opportunity to be of value. You are willing to fill in no matter the situation because you’re concerned about the total good of the Work. That, in essence, is the difference between working for God and being in service to God.

It’s a mindset, it’s a heart-set. Take for examples David from the Bible. David was serving his father by taking care of the sheep, doing the work. What service does is that it brings magnificent promotions. Your heart is about going the extra mile, you’re not just doing about you’re being paid for, you’re doing the work for the greater good. It’s an attitude and an approach to the work of God.

As a servant of God you need to be Kingdom minded, Kingdom oriented. No matter what role you play in the church, you play a crucial part in its success and in the worship of the Lord.

Always stay plugged in and attuned to what is happening around you and what is requested of you in the service of God. The Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, says that when we are singing sing when we are listening to the Word, listen to the Word when we’re dancing or shouting then dance and shout.

Remember that you’re a Christian first, you’re a child of God. No matter what role you play, you too can be blessed. Don’t just do what you’re paid to do, always give the extra mile for God. While you’re capturing the moment, be a part of the moment.

That being said, as much as you can prepare for the future, make sure to leave room for the Holy Spirit. Because sometimes the Holy Spirit can really change your plans in unexpected ways.

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