LoveWorld Networks Prayer Conference 2021

It has been an action-packed 24 hours at the LoveWorld Networks Prayer Conference which started on Friday and ran up until yesterday with a live broadcast of prayers and testimonies from around the world. The testimonies poured in continuously as the prayers were going on at the LoveWorld Networks Prayer Conference.

In 2003, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome pioneered the first 24-hour Christian satellite network, broadcasting from Africa worldwide, and world-renowned TV evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn collaborated with him for the rollout of the premier station that streamed from America to the world with a wide coverage of the continent. This premier Christian television station delivers the best in value-based family content that is inspiring, meaningful, life-changing, and informative, which gave rise to other stations in Nigeria, South Africa, and the U.K. Millions of people have been touched by powerful messages of salvation through the far-reaching, audience-friendly television ministry of Pastor Chris.

The Original Launch

Pastor Deola Phillips announced back in 2017, “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn are delighted to launch this new network dedicated to demonstrating the power of God on a daily basis in the United States and around the world.”

The pastors recognized the value of capitalizing on a combined impact of both Benny Hinn Ministries’ station and LoveWorld platforms/stations, realizing that the meeting of the two would be reaching millions around the world.

During the LoveWorld Networks Prayer Conference 2021, Pastor Benny Hinn prophesized about the LoveWorld Networks saying: “Door after door will open, nations you never thought will open. I see the nation of Scandinavia opened up for a LoveWorld Station.”

Millions joined him to pray and effect changes in our world. “Pray for your country, that wisdom and understanding is imparted to all those who are in authority to help them make the right decisions for the benefit of the people and the spread of the gospel”.

“The Spirit of God is surely in our midst, propelling us unto greater levels of impact. We will see a mighty move of God’s Spirit through the LoveWorld Networks in these last days!”

Healing Streams Festival of Miracles

This weekend also saw the final days of the Healing Streams Festival of Miracles, which took place for the last 10 days following the Healing Streams Live Healings Services with Pastor Chris. The Healing Streams Festival of Miracles began on Friday, July 16th, and several believers have had the opportunity to tell their stories of how they were healed.

Testimonies continued to flood in constantly as a result of Healing Streams Live Healing Services as everywhere on the planet, people prayed with hearts of joy. The whole world was encased in an atmosphere of miracles. Faith was stirred in the hearts of many opening them to receive a miracle from God.

Join us at 4 pm (GMT+1) for the grand finale of Healing Streams Festival of Miracles on Healing Streams Testimonies Live.

Once again you can join Pastor Chris from Monday, July 26th to Friday, July 30th live on all LoveWorld Networks and various internet platforms at 7 pm GMT+1, 2:00 pm EST daily for another exclusive time of illumination by God’s Word at ‘Your Loveworld Specials’ Season 3 Phase 6. It promises to be an extraordinary ride in the Spirit.


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