LoveWorld Stars Unpacked– Music and Ministry

Music and ministry have been grossly misunderstood in the house of God. Many music ministers don’t fully understand the service part of their job. There’s a difference between working for somebody and serving somebody. When you’re serving somebody, it’s about honor. You need to invest your personality, your gifting that you have into your audience through a specific vision. Music plays a vital role in ministry and specifically in the Christ Embassy ministry as well. In every program there’s music. Pastor Chris, our Man of God, told us one day:

“We have to be full of the Spirit, you don’t just arrive to lead praise and worship without doing a preproduction”

Prior to your ministration, you need to spend time in prayer, so that when you arrive you’re soaked in the Spirit. A ministry requires you to prepare because you ministration can affect sometimes life.

Martin PK says his take on music and ministry:

Martin PK (Music Minister)
Martin PK (Music Minister)
  • You must belong to a local church
  • You must be actively involved – we are not just members of a church, we are partners, we are partnering with the Word. It’s not just a matter of coming and going to and from church, you need to stay active.

Eben explains:

Eben (Music Minister)
Eben (Music Minister)

The concept of music and ministry made sense to me when I joined the Believers LoveWorld (BLW). I’ve always been singing, no matter where I was. At church I was extremely active, doing everything that has to be done. So when I came to the BLW community the words music and ministry came naturally to me. I’ve experienced how music can help elevate ministration. The power in the music begins to move you, it’s an unstoppable force.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, our father, understands the power of music ministry. The Pastor spends money and puts funds into creating platforms for the music ministry. The Pastor really puts his money where his mouth is. Music is highly celebrated in our ministry. You see it in the different festivals (e.g. LIMA).

The Bible says that we are a product of many meetings, you don’t serve to get something in return, you serve because you’re a Christian. We find people in the house of God that are in it for business, which is a toxic environment. People forget that these things are done by the Spirit. The reward of honor is bigger than the reward of payment. When you serve God, the reward exceeds expectation than when you work for God.