LoveWorld Expression – Spoken Word


Celebrating spoken word poetry

LoveWorld TV is a great place to expose yourself to new ideas and ways to worship the Lord. In this episode, we see the testimony of Zoe, a young talented spoken word artist. Her ability to use words is even more impressive when you realize that she dedicates the topic of all her pieces to the Word of God.

It is undeniable that we are immensely blessed to see such talent used for gospel.


I believe immensely in the power of words, especially the words that come from our man of God because those words are full of so much life and whenever I hear those words it reminds me of who I am. It’s just like looking in the mirror of God’s word. It shows me just who I am and who I can be. I’m transformed every time from glory to glory. Many people often ask me how and why I chose spoken word but, I didn’t choose spoken word, spoken word chose me. Or better yet God chose it for me and I don’t take it for granted. I see it as a gift and a talent that I’ve been blessed with. A way to minister to my world especially to young people who generally lean towards different forms of art. Towards music, towards dance. I see spoken word as another form to reach people with God’s word in a very interesting way.

How she chooses the topic

The process by which I go about writing my spoken word is I usually start in the end. I start with a particular line that has a lot of passion and energy and I build around it. With the piece that I wrote called: A salute to the Soldiers, I started with the scripture for the year in the year of Triumph. I began with the idea of the triumphant and perpetual parade. I built the whole piece around that line.


I’m inspired by everything because I see God in everything. I am especially inspired by the words from our man of God. I listen to his messages, and I see pictures, and when I those pictures I start to write them down. I start to illustrate in words exactly what it is that I see. I find myself being inspired and wanting to write more.

Also, the Word of God itself, reading the Bible, gives me so much inspiration. I read stories of the Patriarchs, of the Apostles, of the early church and the great things that they did. I always imagined myself there, I see myself there. It gives me so much material, I’m able to perceive it from every single angle.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God. The spoken word that delivers God’s Word instills faith in the audience listening.

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