Looking Back at the Historic FALA Winners Honored by Pastor Chris

Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu – 2017

Last year’s Star Prize FALA winner was Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu. The young woman wowed judges with her passion for helping disadvantaged and at-risk youth across different communities in Northern Nigeria. The then 20-year-old inspiring social activist impressed Pastor Chris with her noble efforts.

2017 Star Prize winner was Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu
2017 Star Prize winner was Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu

Aliyu has spent her life helping those around her and has demonstrated to others just how much you can change lives. Naomi has reached about 1300 children through her work. Through donations from partners, she helped pay exam fees of two girls in her community, ultimately enabling them to study in university. Naomi is also a motivational speaker and has motivated many young people to stay focused in school and work hard and aim for success. She was overwhelmed with tears when Pastor Chris awarded her with the prize.

Karen Musodza – 2016

Young Karen Musodza from South Africa was honored as the FALA Star Winner 2016 for her outstanding efforts which helped thousands of young South Africans.

Karen Musodza is an outstanding youth leader who has worked with at-risk youth in her community. Her contribution has made a significant difference in every single one of their lives. Musodza organized a campaign called “Youth against Crime” in her province and began partnering with the local police to help kids avoid a life of crime and make better choices. She also partnered with some organizations to provide food and basic amenities as encouragement to those in attendance.

Rose Sakala – 2015

The Star Prize Winner of the 2015 Edition – Rose Sakala, from Malawi was just 22 when Pastor Chris selected her has the winner. With a bachelor in Science in Agribusiness Management from Lilongwe University, the young graduate became a blessing to other young people in her world.

The young woman has many other talents too, a public speaker, a preacher, an advocate, an up and coming scriptwriter and photographer. Rose Sakala is a passionate individual with a passion for youth development. As the founder of the Luanar Students Entrepreneurship Lead Initiative (Luseli) she is impacting on the lives of her fellow students.

Lotan Salapei – 2014

This young man from Kenya was recognized by Pastor Chris and honored for his outreach to at-risk youth in his home-town. Salapei provided shelter and welfare packages to orphanages in his community. Young Mr. Salapei has also helped create homes for children and given educational training to over 300 street children. His foundation, ‘Dignity of the Girl Child Campaign,’ provided sanitary resources to 30 schools, ultimately reaching over 3,000 students.

Sharon Sade Ajide – 2013

The winner of the first-ever Future Africa Leaders’ Award, Ajide certainly set the tone for the upcoming ceremonies. The FALA winner had a hand in the founding of over 50 youth cubs in several secondary schools in Lagos state.
In addition, she has collaborated with international organizations aimed at training teenage girls in subjects such as science, engineering, and technology.
Aijide also managed to gather over 3000 girls during a children’s day celebration for a public lecture. In the lecture she where she spoke on the fundamentals of personality development, grooming and self-awareness and of course included the importance of believing in God.

When asked about the impact of the Future Africa Leaders’ Award (FALA) she received on December 31, 2013, the star champion of many youth development programs had the following to say:

“The FALA is all about looking out for a human need and proffering solutions to that need. It is a call for me to look into the world and help so many other people in my sphere of contact. The award is a call to greater aspirations. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said to me that day that leadership is service. The award to me is all about doing more and that is my life’s commitment.”

The Future Africa Leaders Foundation is an initiative aimed at exploring and expanding the leadership potential in Africa and for Africa. by identifying, celebrating and supporting young Africans who have demonstrated exemplary leadership by impacting their generation positively through education, youth empowerment and mentoring, and through other projects aimed at building young people and preparing them for a positive future.

With many noble nominees in the mix, there is a lot of anticipation as to who will be the next winner. The awards will be broadcast live on all Loveworld networks. You can also follow the event on KingsChat.


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