What it’s Like to Attend the Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris

In the heart of every young person is a God given dream and purpose. Many young people around the world engage in various activities in pursuit of their dreams. Success and true fulfillment in life is the product of God‘s Word. The International Easter Youth Camp (IEYC) is a special program specially packaged with you in mind to satisfy that hunger in your spirit to fulfill your God given dream and purpose.

This annual 8 day program is attended by teenagers between the ages of 13 – 21 from all around the world. The program is exciting, enlightening, educating and most of all its spirit lifting. All delegates that attend the program have the special privilege to meet our man of God; Pastor Chris.

The IEYC with Pastor Chris is an exciting and life transforming experience that will propel you into new realms of glory in fulfilling God‘s dream for your life.

In this video, we hear from three young participants telling about their experiences in the camp and what drew them to enroll. Each described their spiritual and physical journey they went through in order to participate in this amazing camp.

Ofentse Modisane, 17, South Africa.

“Every day we have our Bible study, daily devotional, and pray together. It was a remarkable experience praying together with different people from all over the world. Form 72 countries. It’s an amazing feeling just praying together with people all over the world, it’s priceless.”

“One of the remarkable points that changed my life was a Bible study. After the brother was done reading out the scripture, it touched me, and I saw myself in a heaven portation. I saw things that I never saw in myself. It changed my life. It doesn’t matter what, it is a testimony I will bear for my whole life. On top of that to add on the joy and the splendor of all we had. It is a prestigious opportunity to go to the Healing School with our big great man of God, Pastor Chris.”

“It was mind-blowing. It was beyond my imagination. So many miracles! The death can suddenly hear, the blind see, and the lame getting healed. I was indeed grateful to be there, it was a prestigious hall where Pastor Chris helped heal those in need.”

Jennifer Tupuloua, 22, Hawaii.

“At camp we have morning drills and exercises. We did push-ups, we ran, we did physical activity. The third day was especially amazing because we had our man of God with us. It was an amazing feeling, an amazing experience, and I thank God Pastor Chris. Not only were we trained spiritually, we were also trained physically.”

Mac, 22, Thailand.

“On the presentation time, it was great. I got to tell the audience full of my pears about my country. It surprised me how few people new about Thailand. I told them about Thai food, religion, and how many Christians there are in the country. So that they too can pray for Thailand. “

Mac had the oppertunity to show off Thai boxing:  

Watch the whole overview:

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