A Life of Glory and Beauty – Healing School Ambassador Testifies


Siphiwe Khoza Finds Purpose After Attending the Healing School

The Christ Embassy Healing School is a place where health, hope and peace are restored to many who come from all around the world. It is always a thing of joy when these sick and dying persons walk out of The Healing School without a trace of the disease or ailment that had afore-since plagued them. It’s even more glorious when they become ambassadors of the Gospel of Christ, spreading the message of salvation and inviting more to partake in the divine life.

Siphiwe Khoza is a 55-year-old woman, who attended the Healing School Autumn Session in South Africa. Prior to that time, she had lost all hope of ever living normally again. With multiple diagnoses which included hyperthyroidism, dysphonia, severe depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, amongst others, it seemed that she would never be well again. Attending the Healing School changed her story completely.

Today, Siphiwe’s life has new meaning, which she has purposed to share with as many as possible in her world. In keeping to this, she has organized several impactful outreaches to the sick across various cities in South Africa.

Siphiwe recently held a healing crusade in Empangeni town in South Africa. Attendees prayed and worshipped God passionately at the program, lifting up their hands in adoration and fellowship. One could tell that the atmosphere was different, as the presence of the Holy Spirit was felt in the venue. There were several special music presentations and testimony segments to stir the hearts of the congregation in preparation to receive the inspirational teachings from the Word of God.  

Expressing deep gratitude to God for her miracle, Siphiwe shared her inspiring testimony of supernatural healing with those present.  She further cautioned them to hold fast to God’s Word in trying and difficult times. “It is the nature of God to keep His words; He never fails” she said. Many came to a place of rest after they heard of God’s faithfulness. As a demonstration of faith in the message, Siphiwe called out the sick and prayed for them. Many received divine healing, and lots more answered the call to salvation in Christ.

The testimony of one student who attended the Healing School has resulted in the healing of many more.

For more information on the Healing School, kindly visit www.enterthehealingschool.org, download the Healing School Mobile App for more information, or send an email to enquiries@enterthehealingschool.org.



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