Let Your Life Soar To Higher Heights With Fresh Season of ‘Your LoveWorld’

As previously discussed, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome teaches us that one of the many benefits of prayer is that it strengthens us against unbelief, to do God’s will. Unbelief isn’t only about not demonstrating faith for what you want from God. Unbelief is also a refusal to act as God said we should act. He goes on to explain that “There’s a difference between doing something because you “prayed” about it and doing something because God said so and that’s His will for you. The latter is the best and safest place to be; fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. Never find yourself doing things for which you think you don’t need God’s approval”. Pastor Chris also reminds us that “God’s Word in your mouth is God talking, so set things in order through your proclamations of faith, for the glory of the Father”.


Season 2, Phase 3

In the past five months, Pastor Chris has continued to host ‘Your LoveWorld’ live broadcasts to teach God’s people God’s Word, enlightening them on global events in parallel with Bible prophecies and leading them in fervent prayers for the Church and the world. This has greatly united the Church of Jesus Christ, globally, strengthened the faith of believers and orchestrated the experience of tremendous positive changes in various nations of the world. Seven phases were witnessed during season one of these timely broadcasts and we are currently in the midst of phase 3 of Season 2. Like previous phases, this new phase of the insightful and faith-building telecast has been streamed live to billions across the globe on all LoveWorld Networks and various internet platforms.

Whereas the earlier phases of this power-packed program recorded participation from Oakland, England, Canada, New Zealand and several other countries, a much wider reach is targeted in this current phase. Encouraging people from all around the world to ensure full participation in the program, Pastor Chris, announced that something special is on the horizon in the coming month.

The pastor has not only been praying, though. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been helping people in dire need, as the coronavirus has further impoverished thousands of people who were already living in poverty. People and pastors all over the world have received Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s food relief packages, containing food, Christ Embassy books and other necessities. So far, more than 11,000 ministers in 34 countries have gotten the food relief packages. Those countries include the UK, Canada and Nigeria


Numerous testimonies, consequent on the past phases of this timely program, have continued to pour in from all around the world. While some have testified to an increased disciplined walk with the Lord, others have attested to the discovery of their true identity in Christ, as a result of the explicit teachings by Pastor Chris .

Tina Bentley

I pray for the opportunity to one meet the great Man of God. Pastor Chris what a blessing you are to the body of Christ. I come from a Christian background and I have never seen the demonstration of the miracles of God until I started watching and listening to you. It is my earnest prayer that me and my aunt can meet you! Continue to do the work of the Lord!

Minister EvelynChrist

Very expectantly waiting for the world evangelism in South Africa. By then all nations will be opened and flourishing, COVID-19 will be a distant memory. Cast in the sea of forgetfulness. Hallelujah!

Apostle Zelda Robinson

I appreciate the broadcast of LoveWorld since I have limited mobility. It is fulfilling my need for fellowship with believers and gaining knowledge keeping refreshed in my Spirit…Thank you Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for your committed walk of obedience . Your walk is a life saver for me.







The Christ Embassy leader has announced that this third phase of the  second season of daily prayers, which started on Monday, July 27th and will run till Friday, July 31st, will bring the Month of Productivity to a close. Tune in to any LoveWorld TV station or log on to www.pastorchrisonline.org each day at 7PM GMT +1 (2PM EST) to participate live and watch your life soar to higher heights in Christ.


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