Leadership, Empowerment, And Illumination At The International Teen Pastors And Leaders Conference (ITPLC)

In inculcating a love for Jesus Christ among the young members of LoveWorld nation the pastors raise the leaders of tomorrow. With caring nurturing devotion, the experienced pastors’ coach, them to be firm in their Christian beliefs. Not only does this prepare them for leadership roles in the Ministry but in life as well.

It is amazing to see so many young adults engaging in glorious acts of worship and listening to the informative sessions. The atmosphere in the ITLPC is electric as the emergent stars learned from those who are already illuminating the way.

International Teen Pastors and Leaders booth at the LoveWorld Exhibition at IPPC 2019

Leading lights lead the way

In this, the ‘Year Of Lights’ the attentive teens were told that it is said in Matthew 5:16      ” Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Highly Esteemed Director of LW CGI, Pastor Lanre Alabi explained that they should ” Become so excellent and indispensable that the world will be looking for you…”

The teen’s conference is part of the International Pastors’ and Partners Conference (IPPC) and was fully packed as participants used the opportunity to expand their knowledge and take time to reflect. The event had several life-transforming activities especially for young people such as inspiring acts of worship, workshops, talk shows, and music ministry.

An exhibition of glorious achievements

There is an exhibition that runs alongside the conference. It was declared open by the Secretary-General of the LoveWorld nation, Pastor Kayode Adesina declared that the theme of the program is leadership, empowerment, and illumination.

Delegates participate in effusive moments of worship at ITPLC and were thrilled when LMAM Artist, Eli J, came to minister at the ITPLC 2019 day two-morning session. The atmosphere was indeed charged because there was also an extraordinary super session with our highly esteemed CEO on” our expansionism agenda; your role as a teenager”.  All sessions focus on the needs of teenagers today and are relevant.

LMAM artists ministering to ITLPC 2019

There are many parts to becoming a church leader. You must be conversant in the word of God. As Christ Embassy has developed many publications the session on “on the role of ministry materials in evangelism” was well received. Knowing the words of the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a very positive step in your ability to deliver the message of the Gospel.

Excellent and effective teaching is passed on

This was made clear during a riveting panel discussion on “holding effective cell meetings and making them evangelical.” Pastor Chris has often talked about keeping your agenda focused. These teen pastors and leaders were held in rapt attentiveness during a remarkable super session with the Esteemed Pastor Freedom Eriya-Wealth on” how to have increasing and sustained impact in ministry”. This was combined with an inspiring panel discussion on “strategic outreach meetings.”

The highpoints of the ITPLC 2019 are the personal stories that enthuse young people. One such session was with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Ose Oyakhilome on, ”my personal development” and another was when the Esteemed Zonal Teens Ministry Coordinator, Sister Ama Pululu-Sumu spoke on her soul-winning principle.

When Pastor Lanre Alabi, the Director of Church Growth International ministered to the young people he emphasized the joy in being a part of such a wonderful ministry. That is clearly the emotion that these teens feel as they are part of Christ Embassy. ITLPC is a celebration of the youth of today and empowering them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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