June is our ‘Month of Prayer and Unending Praise’

Welcome to the month of June, our ‘Month of Prayer and Unending Praise‘ with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. We’re stepping into a higher and more glorious arena of life and ministry to the Lord. We’re thankful for what the Lord is about to do with us and around the world.

Since its inception, every month of June has been the ‘Month of Prayer’. This year is slightly different. Pastor Chris explains that this year, we are stepping into a higher and more glorious arena of life and ministry to the Lord. We’re thankful for what the Lord is about to do with us and around the world, therefore offering God unending praise.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hinted at the theme for June at the last Global Communion Service in May when he said:

“The month of June is usually our Month of Prayer. If you have been careful to observe, you would notice that every year, the month of June is a Month of Prayer. So, this coming month of June is going to be a Month of Prayer with a difference. So, throughout the month of June, we will have unending praise.”

Throughout this month we are offering different prayer meetings with prayer times at 12:00 pm and 10:00 pm. You can choose between a full-hour session at noon and a 15-minute session at 10:00 pm daily or 15-minutes at noon and a full-hour session at 10:00 pm.

Participate in unending praise with Pastor Chris

Let your praises fill the earth as you participate in unending praise with Pastor Chris:

“I will praise you oh king

From age to age

Your kingdom reign

Your faithfulness is forever sure

As the length of eternity so your love towards me

For eternity you are forever my lord my king..

Unending Sacrifice of Praise I’m offering unto you”

Pastor Chris, Unending Praise

Upcoming Global Prayer and Fasting

It is with great excitement that Pastor Chris also announced at the June Global Communion Service that there will be another 3-day Global Prayer and Fasting program to be held this month from the 28th of June until the 30th of June.

The Pastor has been in almost constant prayer since March 27th, 2020, when he and Pastor Benny Hinn hosted the first Global Prayer day against the Coronavirus. This proved to be highly successful on so many levels, that many more Days of Prayer have subsequently followed. These have been a huge source of comfort to the billions of people who log in each time, all over the world.

If you won’t stop being God I won’t stop Praising You!

Back in 2020, the year of Perfection, when Pastor Chris revealed that June was the ‘Month of Prayer’, he said:

“It is the month of prayer, but we are already in a year of prayer, really. We are praying every 15-minute segment of every hour of every day. We started in January and we are going to do that until the end of the year. And I have said several times, thank God that we started it. What might have happened without prayer?” Chris Oyakhilome asked during the Global Communion Service.

The Christ Embassy leader then went on to talk about extra praying in June.

“Since we usually do some extra praying for the month of June, we are going to be doing extra praying for this month of June. So, what we are going to do, along with the 15-minute segments that we already have distributed, we will have an hour of prayer. For a lot of you, twice in the month, means just two hours in all of the remaining days of the month of June. That is very small,” added.

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