What has Juliet Amina Moses, a 2017 FALA winner, been up to?

The 2017 FALF (Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation) award Winner, Juliet Amina Moses from Kano Nigeria is a 23 years old bold and dynamic youth leader who is committed to female empowerment and education in her community.

She raised sponsors who paid for the school fees and welfare packages of over 200 female students in her community.

She was able to combat the societal challenges of early child marriage & teenage pregnancy in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Juliet is an inspiring leader that has motivated hundreds of youth in her community.

Working closely and in collaboration with the state government, she managed to obtain far more than expected.

She started several youth groups among different schools promoting the Word of God. She also organized motivational and educational workshops.

She distributed over 500 comp9is of motivational and educational material from Pastor Chris to the student. This is especially commendable given the historic resistance to female and non-Islamic initiatives in her city.

She also took on the project of combating the tradition of young marriages in her community, pushing girls to finish their high school studies.

She dedicates her time to the commitment of female empowerment and education.

God bless she is a leader that should inspire all of us!

You can sign up to be a part of the Future Africa Leaders Foundation by clicking on the link https://futureafricaleadersfoundation.org/home/home/falfreg

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