Israel Is Key To The Question When Will The Lord Return

“Your LoveWorld” with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny is a special time of prayer, impartation, and uplift. The expectations from this event are high as lives are altered during the transmission and beyond. In the first transmission of the decade, much profound insight was heard.

”We are in the last sign of the coming of the Lord!”

Pastor Benny Hinn was asked by the Man of God Pastor Chris about the coming of the Lord during one of the beautiful segments of the recent ‘Your LoveWorld’.Pastor Benny Hinn went on to say that the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ centers on what is currently happening in Israel today. He was most emphatic when he said Israel needs our prayers.

”We can effect changes in our lives, in the lives of other people, in nations and we can make God’s will come to pass through prayer.” – Pastor Chris

Special prayers for the coming election

Pastor Benny Hinn answering Pastor Chris’s question

Pastor Benny explained what is currently happening in the state of Israel will impact the future. In the upcoming elections, the defeat or victory of current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a key factor in the events connected with the coming of our Lord. If he wins it will accelerate the prophetic. The reason is because of the brilliance of Bibi especially his political brilliance.

Pastor Benny hopes he will overcome his legal issues and will continue effecting positive changes in Israel. “He has done amazing things for Israel. He was in Uganda and Sudan who were enemies of Israel. Now they are working together politically it is the beginning of a new relationship with Sudan.”

New Technologies

He also commented that in Israel there are, amazing discoveries including a cure for diabetes. In Haifa, there is hope for a cure for certain cancers.

We are seeing a lot about the genius of the Israeli mind.

He asked the global audience too, “Imagine America is gaining knowledge from Israel about defense. Think about lasers destroying rockets before they come into the atmosphere. Imagine the amazing mind of these Jewish scientists. They are looking into technology to turn moisture, air, into water-better drinking water than you buy at the store. They are changing so much to help us live better.”

A better world, a peaceful world

They are increasing the good relationships with Arab nations that wanted to see Israel destroyed are now turning to Israel for protection. These are some of the prophetic connections that Pastor Benny has seen.

”For truth cannot be destroyed. Truth has been sent a long long time ago, it will not be destroyed, it will not return to me void. Stand on my truth, walk-in my truth for you are children of truth.” says the Lord.

When Pastor Chris visited the Holy Land he took part in the Jerusalem Day celebrations. His thoughts on that auspicious day came from Psalms 122:6, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.” We are praying for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. May it come soon.

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