The ISM is Expanding to Argentina!

The first ever International School of Ministry (ISM) cell in Argentina was inaugurated just in time for the year of the Supernatural. This is a small but significant moment in the expansion of the ISM to different countries around the world. Moreover, it marks Pastor Chris’s vision for the Christ Embassy Church Ministers to expand across the globe. 

Argentina is an important South American country with a rich culture with much political and religious influence in the region. Ministers from the nation gathered for the first-ever Cell meeting and it was a true testimony to their devotion and Glory to God.

The meeting was organized by Pastor Mario Marcelo Poliszezuk from the Centro De Adoracion International, Vida Abundante. The Pastor was deeply impacted by the preachings and Ministry of the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The encounter motivated Pastor Mario to share the same message in his community.

The first meeting started off with a screening of Pastor Chris’s teachings, and the audience was inspired. The excerpts showed and explained the best way to be a more effective Minister through the ISM strategy. This strategy focuses on God’s place in the community and how a Minster can spiritually impact they community.

Many inspired Minster pledged to attend the 2018 ISMMN Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a great success not only for the Christ Embassy church but for the faith driven people in Argentina that now have access to the teachings of Pastor Chris.

Pastor Mario was very much excited to launch this new chapter in Argentina:

“Firstly, thank you Rev. Chris Oyakhilome for the opportunity to be part of this glorious network of ministers all around the world, we have been moved to another dimension of glory! May God’s grace increase in your life and ministry”.

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