IPPC Daily: This Is Connected To Your Eternity And The Agenda Of Jesus 

Esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi has a very important message for all of the IPPC participants


As global and national delegates begin to arrive for the 2018 IPPC, the Esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi wishes all participants to fully absorb the importance of this  this year’s conference.

“For all our delegates, IPPC 2018 will not just be an event. It’s going to be connected to your eternity. IPPC 2018 is going to catapult you to new levels of experiencing divinity and being an influential part of the agenda of our Lord Jesus for this generation. Remember that everything we do has to be connected the agenda of our Lord Jesus Christ. That’s the passion of our Man of God, Pastor Chris. That’s why IPPC 2018 is so vital and so important… ”

Pastor Lanre Alabi emphasized the immense amount of concentration that is required in  each and every session and all meetings and indeed every aspect of this year’s conference. According to Pastor Lanre, the days ahead will require being strengthened and prepared. That’s why Pastor Chris is looking for you seeing the delegates, impacting them for the work ahead. To every delegate that’s coming, they should be reassured that grace and blessings will be released.

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