International Youth Day 2019

On August 12th, the world came together with one focus in mind – the youth and their education. International Youth Day highlights what is perhaps one area where discussion lacks and decision making becomes compromised. However, it involves the concerns of all people. Whether you have young children of your own at home or not, this is the future we will all face, and this is the future we must invest in. The United Nations hosted a conference at its Africa headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya on International Youth Day to commemorate the strides that have been made as well as to emphasize the work that is yet to be done regarding the youth of Africa. In attendance at this conference were ambassadors of the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative, an inspiring mentorship program brought about by our own man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Photo by LoveWorld News: A cross-section of participants at the conference.”

Two things that are of great importance to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are nation-building and inspiring young people to use their voice and stand up for change in their local communities throughout Africa. When change takes place on a small scale, it creates an energy that promotes the possibility to see greater change and even greater change from that.

As we highlighted for #CommunitySunday earlier this month, the A4A Youth Initiative hosted the Public Service and Governance Boot Camp 1.0 at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta, Nigeria. This one event offered specialized mentorship classes, group research and presentations, and breakout sessions. The group of several leaders and mentors partook in various recreational activities, connecting with one another while learning about other organizations and ways to invest in the youth of Africa.

Photo by LoveWorld News

For the 2019 International Youth Day, the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative took the lead, according to the official LoveWorld News report. Activities for the community day included a “Global Youth Peace Walk” at all African Universities where the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative is registered. This was encouraged in order to raise awareness of the great things that Africa for Africa Youth Initiative is doing on university campuses around the continent.

Photo by LoveWorld News: “A4A Ambassadors on the ‘Global Youth Peace Walk’ at University of Lagos, South-west, Nigeria.”

The future is bright for Africa and the investments made now will surely serve an even greater purpose in the years to come. With initiatives such as A4A and several other youth-based organizations and government agencies, the awareness is growing, and more attention is being given to the youth in Africa. The United Nations has made incredible efforts in bringing these various organizations and resources together under one umbrella, and we are more than proud of the man of God for his association with this great cause.

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