International Pastors’ And Partners’ Conference 2020 With Pastor Chris

With 27 days to go to the highly anticipated IPPC 2020, get ready to take giant leaps in the Spirit, be catapulted to greater realms of glory, and be inspired and empowered for greater exploits in ministry. It’s time to plan for the IPPC 2020 from Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd November 2020. Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity, and don’t let anything stop you from attending this life-transforming program.

This highly anticipated annual event, the IPPC with Pastor Chris, is an annual congregation of the world’s most highly esteemed delegates convening to be inspired, educated, and empowered by the LoveWorld President, the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

These meticulously planned mega lessons, workshops, and enlightening sessions will equip IPPC minsters with knowledge for their ministering in the coming year.

“What God wants to give you in your life is not a Healing, what God wants to give you in your life is not a Job, what God wants to give you in your life is not Money, what God wants to give you is the Word of God in your spirit. It will make you what it talks about,” Pastor Chris emphasizes when discussing principles for success, progress, prosperity and ever increasing glory.

In Colossians 2 : 3, it is said: “In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Do you know that there’s so much treasure within the recesses of your spirit, you’ll birth new ideas and innovations that will advance the work of the ministry and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a most extraordinary way.”

Reviewing the past highlights

Last year the IPPC saw a record-breaking 58 booths, as the LoveWorld Exhibition got underway. This was the biggest and best LoveWorld exhibition to date. During the ‘Year Of Lights’ Believers LoveWorld had seen its existing projects grow and new visons being brought into reality. From the wide scope of the exhibition, it was evident that this expansion was set to continue into the next decade.

The inspiration for the LoveWorld exhibition came from Mathew 5:14 “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.”

There are many projects aimed at building the developing world. The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) is an umbrella project with some influential NGO’s in its network. The LoveWorld Exhibition highlighted the work of the Trauma Care Foundation International (TCFI) and Medical Missions.

When Pastor Chris announced that November 2019. was the ‘Month Of Blessings’ he told us to be conscious of them. The blessings given and received during the IPPC were numerous. The conference revealed outstanding insights that increased the magnitude of the Fellowship with the Holy Spirit for the pastors and partners. This was a true blessing from the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

LoveWorld Exhibition 2019


Pastor Chris had a lot to say for the achievements of 2018, the Year of the Supernatural, and referred to his delegates as “Partners in God’s extraordinary plan for the world.” He shared a special memory of Christ with the thousands of delegates when he recalled the time Christ spoke to him.

“I felt Jesus Christ was talking to me the very first time I heard that song. I told the Lord that I’ll tell the story to the nations. All nations, everywhere. Country nations, professional nations, all kinds of nations. I got it, yes, I got it. Christ is coming. You’ve got to tell the story!”

The Man of God also addressed the audience about money matters, explaining how David empowered Solomon with resources.

“I was a child when I started. I didn’t know it cost so much to do big things for Jesus. I refused to be troubled with money like a child. Grown men have problems with money”, He recalled the humble beginning of David and how God blessed him so much that he was able to leave abundant wealth for his son, Solomon. Pastor Chris kept repeating that wisdom without money is not good and that a “powerful message without resources is not good.”

Attending such a conference is a blessing. The IPPC prepares everyone for greatness and growth in the ministry. The dedication of the partners and their achievements across the globe impact all of Christ Embassy in winning souls.

The IPPC sessions provide opportunities for illumination and the development of impactful leadership. “Men will rejoice in our lights. We have been shining our lights, these are feats of faith and love.” The many successes of the ministry are because the missions are undertaken with love and care.

Register today, get all relevant information and guidelines from your Partnership Unit.

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