InnerCity Mission Joins Agbado Oke-Odo LCDA for Teacher Training Programs

InnerCity Mission Celebrates International Youth Day

In light of the celebratory International Youth Day that was recently observed all around the world, LoveWorld and Christ Embassy members have been actively contributing to the community and youth education. The InnerCity Mission for Children has joined with LoveWorld Educational Training Institute and Agbado Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area (LCDA) to present its 2nd edition of teachers’ training. This training program for the teachers is one of the utmost importance to InnerCity Mission as it serves the very goal of the mission in improving access to education for indigent children.

According to LoveWorld News, in celebration of International Youth Day:

International Youth Day celebrated annually on August 12, is a day set aside by the United Nations to organize youth-oriented activities geared towards raising awareness about the state of the youth and advocating for youth involvement in policy-making across member states.

The Impact

The teachers’ training programs initiated by the InnerCity Mission for Children are contributing to the community and education system alike in major ways. The current program taking place in Agbado Oke – Odo Local Government District hosts 230 educators from 23 primary schools, 3 Home Economic Centers and 1 Computer Center. According to the InnerCity Mission, these schools and centers that are being directly impacted by the training their teachers are receiving represent over 17,000 students that are in turn being directly impacted, as well. Also worth mentioning in attendance is the Council Chairman, Council-Manager, Secretary of the Local Government, Leader of the Council and HOD Education for the council.

Training For All

With several various sessions and trainings, focusing on different community and student needs, the InnerCity Mission hopes to contribute to the education sector through empowerment and quality. The teachers participated in a fun ‘Practical Session’ with activities that promote team coordination and creative processes. Working together, each group of about 9 teachers were given supplies such as tape and sticks and instructed to make tall, sturdy structures. This is one example of how the Teacher’s Training Program helps to assist teachers with alternative learning styles as well as working together on a common goal.

The assistance and training for our honorable and most dedicated educators did not stop only with the InnerCity Mission and Agbado Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area. Joining the training is none other but the Trauma Care International Foundation. The most important thing for these children and students is their safety. In order for the children to freely grow in knowledge, they must feel a sense of security. By alleviating the fight for survival, children become freer to focus on studies and things that make them stronger members of society. The teachers participated in first aid training, as well as safety and emergency response training.

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