The InnerCity Mission – Gifting Initiative

Children are gifts from God, yet many times their troubles are unheard for lack of a platform. Who then will speak for them? These underprivileged children may be kids today, but tomorrow they will grow up. Education is a child’s advantage, it can be their ticket out of poverty. If they aren’t educated then we are creating a future that no one wants to live in.

The InnerCity Mission for children is an NGO run by the renowned philanthropist Pastor Chris Oyakhilome through the Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporation (BLW). Your Special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, and the memory of a loved one can do so much for indigent children. In this case, it can give a lifetime gift of basic primary education to children who can’t afford it through the InnerCity Mission Back to School Campaign.

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Gift your birthday initiative

Helping them get back to school, helping them get to the path of learning would give them a beautiful platform to become successful in life. Birthdays are usually a celebration of one’s self. But in Christianity and through Jesus we are taught that giving is the essence of life. Make your birthday or another celebratory occasion count for someone else.

The InnerCity Mission provides a beautiful platform for this exact notion. It all started with the target of sending 67 children back to school. The response was overwhelming. In just 10 days the NGO managed to raise all of the funding for these children. Indeed an amazing achievement for the organization and for the future of these poor children.

The next target was set to 200 children. 200 is still just a small number compared to the 10.5 million that are out of school in Nigeria.

David Oluwasegun’s inspiring story

Take for example David Oluwasegun, he lost his dad when he was still a child and his mother was unable to take ample care of him. He left home at the early age of 9 to travel alone for over three hours. We all have young kids in our lives, take a moment to think of how equipped a nine-years-old is to go into a Nigerian city alone. David Oluwasegun didn’t know his way and was almost killed. But now his life is a success. The impact the InnerCity Mission made in his life is priceless. David is now in university.

His story is the story of over 10 million children in Nigeria. Be a part of God’s arm and help millions of children across Nigeria achieve a basic need, education. You may not be able to help every single poor person in the world, but you can do something to help one child.

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