Increase In Knowledge To Help Overthrow The Ravages of Covid19

When Pastor Chris revealed that March will be the Month of Knowledge the global family was excited to have a month dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. The prophesizes from the New Year’s Eve service have slowly been revealing themselves. Pastor Chris said that by March we would feel like we have achieved a year’s work and that is what we are feeling.

Pastor Chris has delivered many messages and they are available on the Pastor Chris Digital Library

With social isolation and an unsure economic future, the act of learning is more important than ever. There are many pertinent messages available on the Pastor Chris Digital Library. In this time of turmoil, we must know who we are and be conscious of what we have in Jesus Christ.

Psalm 91

The Christian is saved from trouble and protected from hidden dangers. Study and meditate on the message of Psalm 91 that Pastor Chris has imparted for us and stir the divine within you. Pastor Chris enlightens us to what the “dwelling in the secret place of the Highest” is. He asks, “Where is the secret place of the Most High?” Well, it is in Christ. Pastor Chris makes it clear that if we “dwell in Christ” we should not fear as he is our God and protector.

Special Mamas deserve to hear special messages

This is the season of Mother’s Day and a special time to celebrate all the amazing mums out there. If you want to give a mother a special thank you for being God’s outstretched arm of love and care to us why not buy her a message from the Man of God. Be a blessing to a special mum today and give her the best gift ever, the word of God.

The message entitled ‘Dew of Heaven’ you will get to know the depths and unlimited bounty of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit will unlock one’s understanding of God’s riches and wisdom. When you know the reality of the Kingdom of God you must get to know the Holy Spirit. He has blessed you and until you know the Holy Ghost you will not enjoy all He offers.

Revisit the theme of the year

The brethren of LoveWorld are blessed to have so many quality learning materials available. The eight days of meditation on the Year of Perfection is more profound than ever. To understand God’s righteous perfection is a key to understanding the Spirit. We can be imitators of Christ with this deepened understanding of his message and purpose.

Train yourself to do what is right

The affirmation that “My life is the testimony and revelation of God’s grace, wisdom, perfection, and righteousness ” is important as we can do more through Christ. Through an increase in knowledge more will be achieved. In this time of social isolation, it is important to keep your spiritual fervor high.

Keep the word of God in your spirit and learn something new from the Pastor Chris Digital Library.

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