Healing to the Nations with Pastor Chris’ Mandate

Happening this weekend is the 2nd edition of Healing to the Nations Live, from Friday the 13th of May till Saturday the 14th of May from 4:00 pm (GMT+1). The mandate has been given to our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, to take the healing miracles to all the nations of the world.

The first-ever edition of Healing to the Nations Live program was in January this year. The program was designed to elevate the participants to new levels of their work and partnership in the divine mandate decreed to the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Together billions of people gathered in virtual and physical centers across the entire globe to take part in the incredible opportunity of spreading the knowledge of God’s glory all over the world.

When Pastor Deola Phillips, the director of the Healing School, welcomed the global audience back in January, she quoted from the Bible, from Ezekiel 47, when she spoke of waters flowing from the presence of God into the nations of the earth to cause healing. She pointed out that the Healing School was designed for this purpose by saying: “Every time we come out with the healing ministry, these waters go into the nations and cities, and wherever they go, people are healed. This is the reason for the Healing School so that people can receive healing where they need it. And that is why it is important that we partner with our Man of God in taking healing to the nations of the world.”

Partnering with the Healing School Benefits Millions

Senior ministers joined Pastor Deola and discussed how they could spread faith into their spheres of influence via the Healing to the Nations Magazine, and also through Healing Streams TV, a valuable evangelical tool and effective avenue for spreading the impact. They also acknowledged the massive impact that the Healing Streams programs, the LoveWorld Medical Missions, and the Healing School’s global youth initiatives have had on the nations of the world.

Every participant that experienced healing had only praise and gratitude to the Healing School that they were able to receive healing miracles. So many people’s lives were touched and saved through their partnership with the Healing School. While the program was being broadcast live across the world, testimonies continuously flowed in from viewers who were connecting to the grace of God. The program also featured sessions of teaching from ministers of the Gospel, who charged members of the global audience to go all out in spreading the Word of God all over the world. It offered a unique platform for millions of people to witness the miraculous work of God through the Healing School.

Reading from Psalms 67:2, “Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind,” Pastor Lanre Alabi explained that: “Part of God’s eternal plan is for man to be in health. This is why we must take healing to the nations.” He further explained that God created man to be in partnership with Him.”

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share in the miracles of the Healing to the Nations Live Program. Register here today, and fulfill God’s plan for mankind.

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