Healing Streams Testimonies Live with Pastor Chris

Healing Streams Testimonies Live is all about testimonies, miracles, and positive results as we enter the New Year, the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’. Witness God’s supernatural intervention in the lives of different people all around the world, in this time for miracles and wonders.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of Christ Embassy,  has said in the past that “divine healing is one of the beginning stages of a greater life. Healing is wonderful, but there’s a greater life than healing. God doesn’t want you to live in the realm of getting healed from one sickness or the other every now and then. He wants you to come to a place of victory, where you understand divine health, which is greater than divine healing”.

Live Testimonies with Pastor Chris

We heard about the miracle of a dying baby restored to health through the power of prayer.

Patience’s baby had a hole in her heart and gastrointestinal problems. She couldn’t hold any food in her stomach; she would always choke and vomit anything she ingests. Patience and her husband visited more than seven hospitals because their little daughter was dying. They were asked to pay lots of money for surgery, but they had no money. Patience was invited to participate at the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris by a Cell group that visited the hospital they were. She participated on the third day; right from her living room and her baby received healing. The baby slept so soundly that night, and there was no choking or vomiting. Her neighbors that participated with her also had several testimonies. The joyful and excited parents took their baby to the hospital for check-ups and several tests were conducted. Seven surgeons had to go through the test results and they couldn’t believe that it was the same baby that she had scheduled for surgery. The doctors were so amazed that they asked to follow her to see where this wonderful testimony came from. They are so grateful to God, and to the man of God, for this miracle.

Cleopatra also has a miraculous testimony to share. Her testimony is so inspiring, providing evidence that Schizophrenia is no match for the Name of Jesus! Since 2011, Cleopatra has been hearing voices in her head. She couldn’t give attention to anything and was distracted every time because she found herself replying to those voices. This condition affected her family, job, and children. She had four children but one of them died because she wasn’t attentive to the child’s needs. She was depressed and life was pretty bad for her and her family. At some point, her other children had to be taken away from her. Cleopatra’s daughter registered her for the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, and she was live in the studio on the first day of the program. She said, “when the man of God ministered healing to me, what I felt was love; I felt protected and cared for, for the first time in a long time.” A few days after the program, a new lease of life began for Cleopatra The voices in her head were shut off, and depression became a thing of the past. She now has her life back on track, her kids are with her, her family is happy, she is mentally stable, healthy, and she even recently landed a new job.

Prior to the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, Nsovo’s heart used to beat very loudly, and she had an issue with her hand, which made her unable to hold or carry heavy objects. When the man of God, Pastor Chris was ministering during the program, she received healing. “I’m alive again!”, Nsovo enthused.

Affirmation Train with Pastor Chris

I affirm that I am the manifestation, the outshining of the glory of God. His splendor, excellence, and perfection are expressed through me. And despite the darkness and hardship in today’s world, I’m more than a conqueror, for Christ in me is the hope of glory! I walk in the glory—in my health, academics, job, business, family, and finances. My days on earth are days of blessings. I am blessed with the fullness of the blessings of the Gospel of Christ. I am blessed in the city and in the field; blessed in my going out and coming in. In my path are life and peace, glory, abundance, and eternal rejoicing, now and forever. I am blessed with divine wisdom and knowledge; blessed with strength, health, divine supply, insight, and ability.

I am so blessed by the Spirit of God and that blessing has brought precision and excellence into my life. I am not ordinary; I am powered by the Spirit of God to determine what comes into my world. Today, and always, I disallow every kind of illegal transaction in my life. I vehemently refuse sickness, poverty, death, and everything that hurts and binds. Only things that are consistent with the God-life are permitted in, and around me. I am powered to do the right thing always. I’m the seed of Abraham, and his blessings rest on me! I am like a tree by the stream, well-watered and ever-flourishing, bearing fruits of righteousness and experiencing luxuriant growth in every area of my life. Truly, the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places and I have a goodly heritage. I live in prosperity and victory every day. Hallelujah! I am born with untold blessings, and my spirit is opened continually to the truth. In 2022, my eyes are single; thus, every part of me is full of light. Glory to God. Hallelujah!

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