Healing Streams Grand Finale with Pastor Chris is Another Opportunity to Receive Your Miracle

Don’t miss the grand finale of Healing Streams Live Healing Services today at 3:00 pm (GMT+1). Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be praying especially for families around the world.

It has been an epic session of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris this weekend, the second of its kind this year. Each consecutive program through the Healing School sees more and more participants joining in from all over the world to receive their miracle from Jesus Christ.

There are miracles and rejoicing everywhere as our Man of God is taking healing to the nations of the world. This is done through the virtual centers set up everywhere with the public partnering together to reach those who are unable to attend in person. Celebrations will fill the atmosphere as billions receive their miracles. God’s power will be available to heal all sicknesses and diseases and transform lives and dominate the internet and airwaves, bringing hope, healing, and eternal life to billions of people all over the world.

Pastor Chris prays for families

Today, at the Grand Finale, we are going to pray especially for all families, Pastor Chris told us, as he advised us to fast until the program starts later today. “So that when we meet and we start praying, something significant that God has planned for you, will take place.”

The Mandate: take healing to the Nations

The Healing School is a global ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with the divine mandate to take healing to the nations of the world. Our ever-widening network of partners comprising hundreds of thousands of men, women, youths, ministers, ministries, and organizations from all the continents of the world, are taking upon themselves the responsibility of reaching and impacting the needy with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When you become a partner, you will team up with us to take God’s healing power to the nations, reaching millions with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; hence, you will partake of the unique grace at work at the Healing School and become increasingly relevant in God’s kingdom.

You can set up virtual centers where others can connect and receive the Gospel that will bring them life and healing miracles.  The gift of being able to create beautiful stories and make miracles happen from where you are by creating a virtual healing center far exceeds any blessing you can give to anyone.

Pastor Deola Phillips, director of the Healing School explained that: “Because of the uniqueness of our Gospel, we inevitably have to expand into new territories. Anyone can host a healing center anywhere, homes and offices, hospitals, even in cars. Everyone must be involved because there are people only they can reach.”

Sharing this experience with others so they can participate in the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, and benefit remotely from Pastor Chris ministering to the sick, is one of the enormous benefits of setting up a virtual center. The program is also translated into over 5000 languages so that everybody around the world can participate.

Mary from the United Kingdom shared her expectations with the world by saying: “I am excited about the Live Healing Services because many will receive healing and salvation. There is a miracle for everyone. So, I am going to invite my friends, family, and colleagues to be a part of it. In preparation, I’m praying, hosting healing centers, publicizing, and giving towards the program. I thank Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for taking healing to the nations and for doing everything Jesus would have done if He was here on earth. I love you dearly. God bless you, Sir.”



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