Healing School Prayers Are Being Heard

The Healing School sessions have an atmosphere where there is an abundance of the supernatural. Many are indelibly impacted by God’s saving power. The services are replete with the awesome manifestation that there is the expectation of that transformation.

Confessions are a powerful part of the healing service

The desire is to feel that manifestation of Grace. The lives were deeply impacted by all in attendance. As those who receive healing are prayed over. People lift their voices and praise God for the glorious healing that occurs.

It’s another opportunity for many from around the world who are afflicted with diverse health conditions to receive that life-transforming touch from God in a most unique way. Burdens will be lifted; situations will turn around and many will experience lasting joy and peace.

Divine desire to heal

God’s priority is for His children to enjoy the divine health realities that Jesus Christ made possible through His vicarious death, burial and resurrection, thus His overwhelming passion to take healing to the nations through the Healing School.

Accepting Christ in your life and being reborn

“Knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing” (1 Peter 3:9). You’ve been called to inherit a blessing; curses have no power over you. The Bible says, “Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel…” (Numbers 23:23). Act on the Word by proclaiming that you’re now separated unto blessings, and not curses because you are born again.

With the first healing service scheduled to be held on Sunday, March 15th, the expectations for supernatural restoration and transformation stirs again in the hearts of the students attending the Autumn Session, knowing that their faith will produce victory and joy. Healings will take place and shouts of exultation and triumph will ensue for everyone waiting in line to receive that special touch from God.

Sharing testimonies brings healing to the nations

Mariam Kay is healed from severe body pain, free of all limitations. Now, every day is full of gratitude to God for touching her body. “Thank you so much, Pastor Chris and partners, of the Healing School, for making it possible for God’s children to come together and receive of the Lord by faith,” she says.

The LoveWorld Nation is expectant of more testimonies to the miraculous

Thank you Lord for your Love

As Pastor Chris enters the auditorium there is much expectation and desire for the healing to begin. People have been praying to receive the spirit. They are ready to see the devil being cast out and receive that life-altering healing. The manifestation of the power of the Holy Ghost is an amazing thing to witness.  The delivery of healing builds up and all you can say is Glory to God.

Those who have not been born again have an opportunity to come to salvation. The very nature of people is transfigured from darkness to light. Praise to the Lord for all He is doing. The healings bring forth new souls into the Kingdom of God. In Jesus’s name, we all say Amen.

Say these words

“My faith is the victory that overcomes the world. I believe God’s Word that says He that has the Son, has life. Therefore, my health shines forth from one level of glory to another. I am walking in divine health every day of my life; sickness cannot prevail over my body because eternal life is working from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.”

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