Happy Birthday Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome: You have given us new meaning to our life through Jesus!

For the years of training, teaching and guidance we celebrate you Sir. Like arrows in the land of a great general you moulded and shaped us, helping us believe in ourselves and our future when no one else did. For when other try taking us down we hear you taking us up, helping us reshape our focus and vision by giving us a direction and purpose for living.

Our man of God’s birthday was celebrated all across the globe. Using his date of birth as an opportunity to give back to their community in the name of Pastor Chris and the Gospel he stands for. It was kicked off this past weekend with the BLW Day of Service, and has since been a worldwide festival of giving in the name of Jesus.

Because of YOU we are who we are…and we love you beyond the comprehension of words Sir.

What a celebration of giving to our pastor, our shepherd, our life coach, our prophet, and the apostle of our generation. Pastor, we love you dearly, you mean so much to us. Thanks you so much Pastor for helping us discover the beautiful life in Christ. We are excellent because of you, our words are gracious because of you, and because of your teachings we are bold enough to face any circumstance. Our lives go from glory to glory thanks to your words you seeded in us.

Happy birthday Daddy! We love you dearly

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