“God’s Truth Produces Faith in You” – Pastor Chris

On the second day of Phase 2, Season 3 of ‘Your LoveWorld SpecialPastor Chris Oyakhilome expanded on the importance of your source of inspiration.

“Most cultural practices and heritages were handed to communities by demons,” Pastor Chris told the global audience that tuned in to watch the live broadcast.

“God’s truth produces faith in you, it produces Love in your heart. If it doesn’t produce these, then it’s not God’s Word. If you feed on falsehood, you will live a lie. Don’t be deceived by all these cultural celebrations, because they are the worship of demons in disguise. The symbols often represented and the activities often carried out are demon-inspired. In those celebrations, you will never hear any reference made to Noah, Abraham, or Jesus Christ, but all these names are part of history too. As a Christian, don’t join these celebrations”.

He went on to specify; “We are not fighting against flesh and blood, because even good men can be manipulated by demons. Peter was moved by Satan to rebuke Jesus. David was also moved by Satan to go against God by numbering Israel. God wants us to know the truth and when we know the truth you know what to do and how to pray. Just because you are good and kind doesn’t mean that there won’t be trouble, In-fact that’s when there will be trouble. You won’t be inspired by men that God praised in the scriptures, if you spend all your time on worldly entertainment, at the expense of studying God’s word. Your faith in God can cause a change in laws and regulations of a country. You have to come to that point where you are crucified to the world and the world is crucified to you.”

Soul-Winning Theme Across Various Programs

The desire to preach the Gospel according to the message of the Man of God is imprinted on our souls the more we hear his word. The sermons of Pastor Chris Oyahkilome give us the encouragement to be effective soul winners.

Having a clear understanding of the Gospel is vital to effectively communicate it. Otherwise, you’d preach the gospel without the clarity and passion needed to be effective. At Christ Embassy there is a wealth of teaching materials that give in-depth an explanation of what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. You can access audio and video recordings on the Pastor Chris Digital Library to develop your comprehension of the Gospel.

In the ongoing LoveWorld Ministry Word Drive on Pastor Chris Digital Library, Pastor Chris says that as someone who leads souls to Christ, you must first understand the message of Christ. The message of the day today is ‘Ministering to soul winners’, with the purpose of gaining deeper insight on soul winning.

With a full understanding of the overflow of God’s love evangelists plan and execute their strategy for effective soul-winning. When you are ready to execute this plan pray for its success. Pray for the souls you will win. Keep learning and imbibing the word of the Gospel. You can connect now on www.pcdl.tv to take part in today’s study and go further to organize a Word Drive Outreach today.

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