Global Day of Prayer in the Month of Prayer

It’s the ‘Month of Prayer‘ and the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris for the second time this year draws closer. It is slated for June 25th, through to June 26th, to be broadcast live on all LoveWorld Networks and various internet platforms. It’s time to further enact God’s will in the earth through prayers.

“It’s a month in which we pray, not discussing prayer” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The just-concluded June Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris, rounded off with great joy and excitement as the President of LoveWorld Inc. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared June to be the ‘Month of Prayer’. Each year, the month of June has traditionally been themed as the ‘Month of Prayer’. “It is a month in which we pray,” he remarked, emphasizing that the essence of the month is not to discuss prayer but to engage fervently in it.

Stressing the urgency of prayer, the man of God admonished the global congregation to earnestly engage in prayer throughout the month. “When Christ saves you, your Spirit belongs to God; everything that concerns Christians should concern you,” he highlighted, calling on all saints to participate in the prayer sessions scheduled for each day of the month.

Power of Prayer

It is the time to seize the opportunity to join the PastorChrisLive Global Prayer Network today and connect with millions worldwide, who join Pastor Chris in prayer to effect changes across the world.

”Every good thing in this world came from God because God loves the people, He wants them to have a good life”, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reiterates constantly to his LoveWorld followers.

In a world and a time of uncertainty, Pastor Chris has promised his followers that ”the Word of God builds us, the Word of God molds us, it gives direction. The Word of God is light and if you yield yourself to the Word of God you will never lose your way.”

“Irrespective of what we have said… It does not matter what we shouted. It does not matter what we sang. It does not matter what we asked for if He did not answer. If He did not respond. It meant nothing. What He told us… He will always hear us. He told us that we have His ear. Every time we pray, we have God’s ear,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said at the last Global Day of Prayer. The LoveWorld President has continued to emphasize the need for Christians all around the world to bond together in prayers for the Church and the nations of the world in these last days.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome prophesized saying: “The Word of the Lord has gone forth, the Spirit of God has enabled His servant, the Spirit of the Lord has sent forth Angels, and here is the Word of the Lord. There is no defeat to the kingdom, for you belong to my kingdom says the Lord. I raised you for this hour, for this moment, for this time. I am with you, have no fear, no evil shall befall you because I am with you and I will lead you from Glory to Glory like I have said to you. Be Strengthened, be encouraged in my Word says the Lord for I am with you.”

As one united force, we are exercising our God-given authority in prayer and making dynamic changes every day ahead of the Global Day of Prayer.

You can now impact millions of lives by sponsoring airtime for the live transmission of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris on Television stations globally.

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