Giving Pastor Chris Oyakhilome A Gift-LoveWorld International Day Of Service

December the 7th is a day where giving and receiving blend into one. In honor of our Esteemed Pastor, the Man of God we are being asked to perform an act of giving in honor of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Recalling the passage “Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did “(John 2:6) we are ready to emulate our beloved Father.

These acts of service can be performed by yourself or through your church. They can be big acts or small but they should be performed with love. Last year there were many amazing acts of kindness that sent smiles to all parts of the community across the globe.

A peek at last years action

Last year Highly Esteemed Pastor TT Edun performed an act in honor of our Man of God. Here he is painting of pedestrian crossing lines in the city of Abeokuta.

Everyone is doing acts of service

Esteemed Pastor Amaechi, together with senior pastors and staff members of Port Harcourt Zone 1 visited children at the Compassion Center and distributed copies of the Gospel and other gifts.

Working together to honor the Man of God

The community needs serving in many ways as Esteemed Pastor Valeknows. He kept traffic moving in Calabar in honor of our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Take a picture of your act of service

Here are the International Day of Service pictures from the road rehabilitation exercise carried out by Christ Embassy Lugbe led by the Group Pastor, Pastor Chris Otabor last year. Look how joyful they are working together to honor Pastor Chris.

Smiles as they did their service

Across continents

It is truly a global phenomenon, LoveWorld International Day Of Service.  Christ Embassy Church Los Angeles provided food, clothing, and ministry materials to the homeless community in downtown Los Angeles in honor and celebration of the birthday of our Dear Man of God.

International Day of Service in the USA

In the United Kingdom, the brethren of Christ Embassy Manchester ‘rolled up their sleeves’ to clean the streets in honor of Pastor Chris. They also visited a home for children with special needs, providing groceries and other items for the residents. Glory to God.

Service with a smile with Christ Embassy Church in Manchester, England

Putting love into the world

In commemoration of the birthday of our dear man of God, Pastor Chris, members of the Healing School Cyber Church in India donated a much-needed water filter to a senior citizens’ home. What an act of kindness.

The gift of giving from India

Christ Embassy Buea, Cameroon visited the St Valentines Orphanage in honor of our dear Man of God. They reached out to 20 children in the orphanage and three of them gave their lives to Christ. Hallelujah.

Giving thoughtfully on LoveWorld Day of Service

The Women’s Fellowship of Christ Embassy Central Church 2 donated a LoveWorld Plus Decoder and several toiletries to Model Primary Health Care Center, Rumigbo, to commemorate the birthday of our dear man of God, Pastor Chris.

Glorious impact

For the love of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Members of the Haven Special, from Central Church 2, led by Governor Sister  Affiong Olanrewaju went to Zion Orphanage, Lugbe in celebration of the birthday of the Man of God, Pastor Chris. The Orphanage is home to children between the ages of one and 17 years. In thanks for the amazing gifts, the children sang a birthday song in appreciation of Pastor Chris.

Singing a thank you to Pastor Chris. Happy birthday

Members of Swan Cell, Central Church visited the Osaze Care Foundation Home in the Wumba District to demonstrate love in honor of our Man of God, Pastor Chris. This was a commemoration on LoveWorld International Day of Service. They brought delight to the children, providing food items and toiletries. They also served freshly cooked meals to every child before cleaning up the entire home. All was done with joy and love. The smiles on the faces of the children was evidence of impact.

So many happy faces saying thank you.

In honor of our Man of God and in recognition of the LoveWorld International Day of Service, representatives of Christ Embassy Church in Houston visited the Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community to serve dinner. Some of the residents lost their homes during Hurricane Harvey. The message is thank you, Pastor, for teaching us to recognize a need and to act fast and give lives a meaning.

Thank you Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for giving us direction in life

There was a glorious celebration today as the Gospel was taken to Cherry Tree and Park View Care homes in Dagenham. Thank you to our Man of God, Pastor Chris for teaching us how to love and give lives a meaning.

Gifts that keep on giving

Tidings of comfort and joy

Members of the Teens Ministry of  UKVZ1 teamed up with London Buses to provide toiletries to the homeless! An amazing act of kindness done with love.

Everywhere you travel people are helping others in honor of Pastor Chris

The warmth of human kindness

Whatever the weather the members of Christ Embassy will seize the opportunity to perform acts of service. Christ Embassy Church, Montreal were out feeding homeless, giving care packages and warm clothing on a bright but freezing day.

Wrapped up with love

Also from  Montreal, members of Dunamis Cell were preparing care packages and teaming up with Mission Bon Acceuil who support the homeless,at-risk mothers and, youth by showing hope and love.

All smiles at the shelter because they are giving service with a smile

Final trip across the globe

On the International Day Of Service in Vinnytsia Ukraine, there was a distribution of clothes to the homeless in honor of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

From Ukraine with love

Last year the impact was profound as acts of service performed with kindness won uncommon victories and lifted souls. The Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has shown us how to walk in the path of Jesus Christ. Doing something for a member of the wider community is the best way to show appreciation for all Pastor Chris has done for us.

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