Prepare for FALA 2018

Every year almost 30 nominees from 18 African countries are selected for one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the ministry. 


The FALA awards are approaching. The special event will honor the many young African world-changers who have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills. These individuals are recognized for their talents, mentored and celebrated for their incredible contribution to struggling communities across the continent of Africa.

FALA winners 2017
FALA winners 2017
The turnout was massive

Every year the event attracts the biggest and most prominent partners of the ministry, as well as countless government representatives. Last year the reception was the biggest its ever been, with over 20,000 people in attendance and a live broadcast of the event in over 100 countries.

The humble FALA winners

The winners of the Future Africa Leaders were simply elated at the notion of being praised for their work, as they felt that they were simply “doing their stuff with no expectation from anybody, or even hope that someone noticed.”

FALA nominees 2017
FALA nominees 2017
The prize

The winner will take home $25,000 as a token of encouragement. The rest of the nominees will receive $10,000 each from the founder and chief motivator of the Future Africa Leaders Awards, the man himself, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome.

Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu showed incredible promise

Last year’s Star Prize winner was Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu, the then 20-year-old inspiring social activist impressed judges with her noble efforts. The young woman was awarded for her passion for helping disadvantaged and at-risk youth across different communities in Northern Nigeria.

2017 Star Prize winner was Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu
2017 Star Prize winner was Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu

Aliyu has spent her life contributing to people around her. Her work has certainly stood out as a shining example of how young African leaders can impact and transform struggling communities.  Her efforts have gained her this well deserving prize and solidified her status as a leader of her generation.

Her grassroots efforts have changed peoples lives

She initiated several youth groups across many high schools where she organized motivational boot camps, arts, and crafts workshops as well as tutorial services for math and other important subjects. With the emphasis on education, her goal was to help kids gain a chance at a better life.

Leadership cultural integration program with the iconic Masai tribe
Leadership cultural integration program with the iconic Masai tribe

Eliyu has expressed that her main motivation for working with the youth is to assist orphans in bettering their lives. Aliyu is “determined to prevent these children from falling between the cracks of the system into a life of crime or delinquency.”

Get ready

There is much anticipation around the upcoming FALA awards. The ceremony will be aired live on all Loveworld networks, Ministry Platforms and major TV stations around the world on the 31st December 2018