Get Ready for the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry Movie Concert

LoveWorld Incorporation is holding its ninth International Music Concert in just a few weeks. The event was organized and funded by the Man of God himself, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The event is planned to take place on the 24th of June in Lagos, Nigeria in the LoveWorld Convocation Area. The event will attract all those that the Gospel is in their heart. The aim is to bring people together through a faith-music unifying experience, sharing the love of God with all those attending and watching.

From the get-go, the International Music Concert has been hosted by Pastor Chris. He made it his goal to give back to his community by gracing them with a magical night that touches the soul and involves gifts as well. The event is frequented by award-winning artists, such as Sinach, Eben, Ada, Rap Nation, including many others as well.

The beauty of this event is that it relates to LoveWorld’s LIMA event, which awards all respected gospel singers and shares their work. This free event is very similar to the International Music Concert and gives people the opportunity to become inspired by the youth of the nation and learn from the experienced artists as well. The celebration of Christian music, creative arts, and culture are extremely important to Pastor Chris, and the whole Christ Embassy for that matter. He believes that faith is reaffirmed through the gospel and the music provides a unifying experience for people across the country.

Past Event
Past ICLC Event

The event aims to unify performers from all over the country to join in in song and dance and lift their spirits even higher. The prestigious event includes a mix of rap, pop, hip-hop, along with various other types of performance arts. Each year, the event is filled with joy and enthusiasm that Pastor Chris has righteously given to his surroundings. The concert will also feature Pastor Chris’s third album, which is a compilation of voices of the most popular ministers from the Believer’s LoveWorld. He previously states that his album contains “truths and messages that have the ability to transform and change societies all around the world”.

To conclude the marvelous event, insightful poetry readings will be read and a speech by Pastor Chris himself, lifting his audience with praise and prophecy. The event will be featured live around the world via internet and TV, touching the souls of millions of his followers from their very own homes. The event signifies the deep connection Pastor Chris has to his faith, his people, and the arts, reminding us of the importance of art and culture.

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