Get to Know the 2017 Winners of the Future African Leaders Awards


Christianity is all about giving back and contributing to the community. Christ teaches us that in order to serve God we must try and help His creations, regardless of their state. This is what the Future African Leaders Awards (FALA) is all about, celebrating those who want to lead change and see their communities flourish in the name of God.

The event was one of the Believers’ Loveworld Incorporation (BLW), and let by the esteemed Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. Several young and influential young leaders from across the continent of Africa were nominated for awards, only 10 received the prestigious prize.

God bless!

The Star Prize Winner

Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu won the prestigious prize due to her hard word as a young influential leader in Nigeria. At the young age of 20 she has already achieved so much for the children and less fortunate in her community. Read more about this amazing individual.


Who are the rest of the winners?


A young influencer from Botswana. At the age of 19 he dedicates his time to help kid’s rights with a specific focus on personal development, self-esteem development and leadership training.As vice president of the National Children’s Consultation forum, he has advocated for the amendment of the legislation to protect the welfare of children living in hard conditions. He is an activist against the exploitation of children, advocating against child brides in his hometown.


Sharon is a youth leader with a strong passion for youth development and empowerment. She founded over 16 youth groups across different communities, high schools and universities. In addition she organized motivational and academic excellence workshops, an initiative which impacted over 2000 students.

Moved by the plight of youth living with diseases, she started several campaigns. For example, the kids with cancer project which raised over 500 sponsors to pay for medical bills and tuition for these beneficiaries. She also organized an epilepsy awareness across 16 high schools for 2500 students educating them on how to deal with epileptic emergencies. Additionally she campaigned for and raised sponsors to distribute female hygienic products for 3000 underprivileged female students in rural areas to enable them attend school without disruptions.


Mukete is an exceptional 23 year old youth leader who is gaining momentum with each passing day, despite a variety of threats and undesirable circumstances that are prevalent in his immediate environment. Passionate about community and entrepreneurship development, Mukete established a non-governmental organization Varl Association of Community Development and Entrepreneurship (VACODEVE).

The organization provides portable pipe-borne water for 2 villages, employing several youths for the project. The organization also distributed 24 packets of agricultural seeds to youths and local farmers. His passion for promoting and empowering youth led him to organize 18 seminars and 6 workshops, which impacted over 28,000 young people cumulatively.


Evelyn is a 23 year old dynamic youth leader who has risen to the challenge of cultivating other young leaders and inspiring the next generation for a better future. Evelyn’s motivation drove her to establish the New Africa Initiative – a nongovernmental organization that has championed several commendable projects and impacted thousands of lives.

Seeking to improve leadership potential amongst young individuals, Evelyn initiated ‘Youth In Governance’ – a forum for raising the awareness of youth to important topic in society, triggering change through youth development. This project led the way for Evelyn’s success, and is recognized as an ambassador for democracy in West Africa. Additionally she was invited to the Future World Center’s ‘Reinventing Democracy Conference’ in Nairobi, Kenya and has been chosen to make a difference through tours to Rwanda, Cyprus and Kenya.


Samuel, 21, displays exemplary leadership successful initiatives under the realms of health, education, sports and more. Samuel saw the need to aid several students who faced difficulties with their studies. He founded the Success Club, where he successfully impacted over 500 youths, and distributed Christian materials to help their spiritual and intellectual development. Subjects he focused on included: Chemistry, Physics and English.


Brenda Mwale is a youth leader from Malawi, involved  in various community building projects. She started a farming project to raise funds to assist less privileged children with school fees, as well as their basic upbringing costs, successfully sending 87 children back to school.

Brenda voluntarily takes out time to teach primary and secondary school students who cannot afford paid classes. Apart from helping them with their school work, she also teaches them on positive attitude, computer lessons and personal hygiene. She currently has 57 students in her class.


Theophile is a young and inspiring leader who has organized several success motivation programs, as well as back to school campaigns for needy children. As an astute leader, Theopile coordinates purpose-driven youth groups in Togo and Senegal.

Recognizing the need of proper education and mentorship of young people, Theophile regularly gives success motivation and inspiration speeches at one of the most-listened-to radio stations in Lome with over 15,000 young listeners.


Juliet is a 23 year old inspiring leader who has motivated and empowered hundreds of youth in her community. In collaboration with the government, she started several youth groups across 3 high schools in Kano, Northern Nigeria and organized motivational and educational workshops, directly impacting over 500 students.

Furthermore, she aims at preventing child marriages in her community with a specific interest in helping young women, encouraging them to transcend cultural barriers and societal pressure to marry early and commit to finishing high school.


Mina is a 20 year old exceptional leader whose many initiatives and programs have changed the lives of thousands of young people in his country. Mina has organized 3 major leadership conferences, success seminars, and hundreds of outreach programs in his community in Egypt.

The poor state of refugees in his country motivated him to action. Mina set up a Refugee relief camp to aid and improve the standard of living of these refugees, and supplies them daily with required necessities.

Mina also has a training school where he trains young leaders to be effective and productive citizens.