Future African Leaders Are Developing Our Communities Today

Reaching out to those less fortunate than ourselves is a central tenant of Christianity. The LoveWorld global family provides a platform that goes beyond that. As part of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), the Future African Leaders Foundation (FALF) is a platform for young people to bring change to their locality and homeland.

What the foundation encourages is leadership. “Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality.” Many young people are gifted with the strength and passion to bring about real sustainable change in their community. There successes and achievements are honored with an award ceremony on December 31st.

Who are the future African leaders?

Ten people are awarded this prize and they are chosen from a shortlist of thirty outstanding young community leaders who have actualized their vision for change. This year’s shortlist will be announced in a live broadcast on the 26th December on all LoveWorld networks.

During this Nomination Show, the global audience get to hear accounts of the projects and undertakings that these young people have led and managed. FALA nominees are aged from 16-23. The vision of our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that Africa will be led by Africans is a reality. It was his understanding that the youth of Africa can play central roles in the future governance of this continent that has fostered such innovative talents.

What have these future African leaders achieved?

When Isiah Deng was called to the stage to receive his prize last year it was to rapturous applause. Hailing from Sudan this capable young leader wants to foster a sense of self-reliance in the young people of his country. He organized conferences in over 20 schools reaching out to 3,000 students. The key to his immense impact is that he worked in partnership with the Ministry of education.

He took his partnering schemes even further by arranging training programs in computer science in conjunction with Texas School of Computing and Mimshack Designs. He also had training seminars on solar and electrical installation in partnership with the State Ministry of Education and Green Power Electric. These training opportunities equip attendees with employment and entrepreneurial skills for the future.

He also organized outreach programs aimed at feeding and providing food to those who can’t access a meal. He worked with the Global Youth Leaders Forum to organize community service in an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp, where he and his team cleaned the whole place, distributed clothes and also brought a mobile saloon to give residents a haircut. He was last year’s Star Award winner.

Guided by the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

These prize winners do not see their prize as a culmination of their achievements, but they herald a new era in their leadership. The impact of their endeavors is felt in their communities. They all recall one point. They all thank Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for his vision that culminated in the formation of COFI. This foundation has the future of Africa’s development at its heart. The future is in the leaders and their ability to effect change. They are being mentored, advised and guided by members of FALF.

Tune in to the Nominations Show at 6 pm +1 GMT on the 26th December in anticipation of the FALA awards on the 31st of December. Watch tomorrow’s leaders now and follow the leaders on KingsChat.

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