Free Online Youth Minister Training at Global Ministers Classroom (GMC) with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

A specialized free online youth minister training program with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for Ministers of the Gospel, under the auspices of the International School of Ministry (ISM), will be happening this month at the Global Minsters’ Classroom #GMC2021. This will be the 3rd edition of the spiritually powerful and life-transforming program for pastors, teachers, youth ministry training, youth pastor training, apostles, evangelists, missionaries, and all people of the Gospel.

This is a very special meeting, where ministers of the Gospel all around the globe will be impacted with the revelatory knowledge of God’s words on evangelism in these coming times.

“The aim of this conference is to win souls. If anyone of us is well equipped, we can win souls for God and win the nation”, Pastor Chris has said as he encourages everyone to register for the prestigious event.

Global Ministers’ Classroom, not only for Youth Minister Training

The ISM provides you with the opportunity of being tutored under the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, and imparted with the wisdom and grace at work.

The ISM Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC) with Pastor Chris is a specialized program for Prayer, Fellowship, Strategy, and the Word for ministers around the world. Over the years, the ISM has organized Ministers’ Conferences with participants from more than 181 Countries attending. These include the ISM Conferences in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the World Evangelism Conference (WEC), in London, United Kingdom.

Each year since its inception in 2007, the organization holds several online and onsite teaching sessions for people who want to become pastors and soul winners. While the Global Ministers’ Classroom is an online program, the Global Classroom Organizing Committee encourages churches to sign up to become meeting places where participants can follow the Global Ministers’ Classroom together.

This is a special time for the LoveWorld Nation, where God’s highest blessings are for soul winners, Pastor Chris confirms that “As you win souls, you’re promoted in the spirit, and the Spirit of God increases His grace and glory upon your life to do more. So let’s do the work of the Father- Soul Winning, while it is day”.

Ministering alongside Pastor Chris at the Global Ministers’ Classroom will be several other seasoned Ministers of the Gospel.

What to expect at the Global Ministers’ Classroom

This free online training will equip you with an increased focus on the mission and purpose of the Church, together with strategies and insight for the End Time Harvest, and of course, the opportunity to network and learn from the millions of seasoned and appointed ministers around the globe, who will be available to impart their wisdom and experience with the youth pastor training.

International School of Ministry

This year’s Global Ministers Classroom will feature a Virtual Exhibition, where you will have the opportunity to visit and interact with the Products and Services offered by the International School of Ministry and other Ministry arms of the man of God, Pastor Chris.

The vision of the International School of Ministry is teaching, demonstration, and impartation. This vision easily rubs off on the students such that on returning to their churches, these ministers find themselves teaching the Word with great conviction and accurate knowledge, demonstrating the character of the Spirit, healing the sick, casting out devils, and imparting others with the same awesome grace. The ISM offers a unique spiritual and academic opportunity to be trained up and equipped as a Minster of the Gospel, teaching the realities of God’s Word and empowering the students to carry the message of eternal life in Jesus Christ Jesus to their world, with great demonstrations of the miraculous power of God.

As Pastor Chris has preached, “if you inspire one minister you are inspiring hundreds and hundreds, thousands and millions of people. Every single minister is so important so let’s do our best for the Lord!”

Ministers of the Gospel from all around the world have had their lives and ministries unequivocally transformed as a result of the supernatural encounter they received at the ISM with Pastor Chris.

The convenience of the ISM Online Sessions is that it offers an exceptional platform for ministers of the Gospel to partake of the same blessings and impact of the ministry of the man of God beyond the physical walls of a classroom. Through Online Sessions, ministers can avail themselves of the same rich curriculum and program content from any location in the world and at any time during the Session.

The Coordinator of International School of Ministers, Pastor Princess Nkoyo, explained in a public address recently that:

“It will equip and empower participants to become missionaries of the gospel and reach out to their various communities. There is a need for people, globally to be equipped and strengthened for especially the hard times as this where the world battles with issues like violence, insecurity, and the pandemic.”

Pastor Chris inspires the youth of our community through youth ministry training

Pastor Chris Oyakhimome illuminates the path for us to follow. Going out into the community and spreading the Good News of the Gospel is the mission we have in life. It is because of Pastor Chris’s investment in the souls of the youth that there are many young people coming to God through Christ Embassy. The Global Youth Leaders’ Forum is a youth initiative established for nurturing young people for global leadership. It’s a dynamic network with the primary objective of helping youth.

Pastor Chris knows that giving young people the right platform will succeed in all their endeavors. Investing in the youth and giving them the mandate to become soul winners builds a strong foundation in every city for Christ Embassy to be established and keep growing.

Register Today

Pastor Chris will be giving out gifts during the program that would enhance your ministry work. Register now for this supernatural event which will run for 24 hours, from Friday, 21st May, at 2:00 pm (GMT+1), to Saturday, 22nd May, at 2:00 pm (GMT+1).

Use the link below to invite fellow ministers of the Gospel to attend this transformational event. You also have an opportunity to host a classroom of your invitees which can be either virtual or online, via  globalministersclassroom.



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