FALA Nominees Announced by Previous Winners

What an exciting night it was for Africa as thirty talented young leaders were selected from millions of applicants to be nominees of the prestigious Future African Leaders Award (FALA), which will take place on New Year’s Eve with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The Future Africa Leaders Foundation is an initiative aimed at exploring and expanding the leadership potentials in Africa and for Africa. It is for identifying, celebrating, and supporting young Africans who have demonstrated exemplary leadership by impacting their generation positively through education, youth empowerment, and mentoring through other projects aimed at building young people and preparing them for a positive future.

Beginning nine years ago, the Future Africa Leaders’ Award, an innovation of the LoveWorld President, has been recognizing the commitment of young leaders to the progress and development of the continent at every New Year’s Eve Service. Prior to the award ceremony, several of the young African leaders will be nominated, while the winners will receive an award from the President of LoveWorld, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the Award ceremony.

Presenting the nominees was the esteemed Pastor T.T. Temisan together with various past winners of the prestigious award. The Pastor also announced the breaking news that the Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR will be Chairman of this year’s Future Africa Leaders Award. Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan GCFR, GCON will be the special guest of honor, and Dr.Arikana Chihombori-Quao, the Founder/President ADDI, and Former African Union Ambassador to the United States will be the special guest this year.

Winners Announce Winners

Past award winners announced nominees throughout the night, and there were many live calls and interviews from previous Star Prize winners such as Naomi Epoki, 2017 star Prize Winner from Nigeria, and Rose Sakala, 2015 FALA Star Prize winner from Malawi.

Victor Emeka Mba, 2020 FALA winner from Nigeria together with 2020 FALA prize winner, Mayamiko Banda announced the 6th set of nominees, while 2020 FALA Prize winner, Tebogo Moroe announced the fifth set of nominees:

Fifth Set of Nominees

Asma Rouabhia 24- year-old from Tunisia

Amanda Nomnqa , 22-year-old from South Africa

Bridget Kalilombe, 24-year-old from Zambia

Fourth Set of Nominees

2019 FALA Prize winner, Hanson Hanson, 2019 FALA Prize Winner was proud to announce the fourth set of nominees;

Matilda Sampong, 23-year-old from Ghana

Ezekiel Nyanfor, 23-year-old from Liberia

Azaria Chidzungu, 19-year-old from Malawi

Abraham Asukwo, 23-year-old from Nigeria

Sandrine Zohou, 24-year-old from Togo

Derrick Absalom, 21- year-old, from Tanzania

Third Set of Nominees

2015 FALA Prize winner, Candle Shawky announced the third set of nominees.

Bakaki Yusuf, 24-year-old from Uganda

Destiny Funstani, 21-year-old from Zambia

Prisca Torboal, 23-year-old from Chad

Manzi Guevara, 23-year-old from Rwanda

Cesar Komi Aguidi, 23-year-old from Togo

Second Set of Nominees

“Technology is not about creating a solution, but for using the solution to solve practical problems”  Micheal Wawa, 2020 Star Prize Winner told the audience when he announced the second set of nominees, being;

Nervis Testop Nzomerthia, 23 years old from Cameroon

Emmanuel Gyan Finawah, 23 years old from Ghana

Felix Formegia, 23-year-old from Cameroon

Ngambaka Geoliver, 24-year-old from the Republic of Congo

Gideon Chiedozie Okeke, 23 years old from Nigeria

“Somebody who is 70 years old today cannot make policies for generation in the future they won’t be part of,” Chris Iyama, 2018 FALA winner from Nigeria said to the audience.

“The FALA awards are beyond winning the awards every December, it’s about the mindset it impresses in us to understand our role in nation-building,” 2020 FALA winner, Christian Kwesi remarked.

First Set of Nominees

The first and second set of nominations, had two celebrity announcers, Isaiah Deng, and the youngest ever winner, Mayamik Banda. 2018 FALA Star prize winner, Isaiah Deng from South Sudan announced the first set of nominees:

Meyou Deo Gratias, 24-year-old from the Republic of Benin

Hillary Nakitare, 23-year-old from Kenya

Gracious Tatenda Mazivanhanga, 23- year-old from Zimbabwe

Anna Maneno Michael Miler, 20-year-old from South Sudan

New Year’s Eve Delight

Stay tuned to watch the FALA Award Show which will coincide with the New Year’s Eve Service with our Man of God, Pastor Chris. We will say farewell to our ‘Year of Preparation‘, and bring in the new year together, where we will all hear the new name for 2022.


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