FALA Nominee Selected To Be A UN Global Peace Ambassador

When the nominees for the Future African Leaders Foundation Awards are read out one feels really amazed at the achievements of these dynamic go-getters. What the viewers are hearing is a snapshot of the impact that is happening across the continent of Africa. When Pastor Chris Oyakhilome birthed FALF it was to secure a brighter future for Africa.

When the lights are dimmed on FALA the winner sand nominees go back to planning new projects to improve lives in their locality. 2019 FALA nominee Michelle Mumba from Zambia is a social and cultural activist who has just been selected to be a Global Peace Ambassador for the United Nations. This honor acknowledges the impact of her work and achievements so far.

Impact so far

Michelle Mumba is an active humanitarian who sees an area of need and acts on it

Michelle Mumba, 22, is a law student at the University of Lusaka and a humanitarian activist who is drawn to helping the less privileged and empowering women within various communities in Zambia. Her community outreach and food drives fed 550 people children and orphans in local districts in Zambia. She kept in touch with families to aid a sustainable independent future for them.

Education is very important to Michelle, so she raised funds and sponsored the education of 25 families. She is currently setting up a missionary school and a community development agency to upskill people. The unit will focus on education and health awareness. There will be 10 classrooms, 4 ablution blocks, and a kitchen.

As a law student, her community outreach offers free legal advice to those who need it. Many undereducated people are unaware of the rights they have so these clinics empower them. Health Change Motus-(movement) is the name of her foundation.

The passionate response to climate change

Planting trees as a response to climate change is a positive step. Seeing this was a call to action for Michelle and she took part in the #global tree initiative. She promoted the virtue of tree planting and as a clip of her planting trees went viral it served as a catalyst for tree planting.  Many universities took this virtue upon themselves. A member of parliament reached out to create a partnership with her and work on improving health and hygiene issues.

Touching lives

One meaningful outreach that Michelle undertook was to visit prisoners with her team. She gave out flowers with personalized messages to 60 inmates. This touched the lives of those who thought they were forgotten. This will be an annual event in Lusaka Prison.

What is a Peace Ambassador?

Peace Ambassadors are individuals whose lives typify the ideal of living to empower and give to others.  They are dedicated to the promotion of “universal moral values, strong family life, interfaith cooperation, international harmony, United Nations renewal, and are responsible for establishing a global culture of peace.”

Delivering food to indigent members of the community

One of the core competencies of a Peace Ambassador is they transcend racial, national and religious barriers to contribute to the realization of a united world which is peaceful. This is a world where the “spiritual and material dimensions of all realities are harmonized without discrimination of color, race, gender, and religion.”

The promotion of peace and humanitarian aid is the main goal of the voluntary work of the Peace Ambassadors.

Michelle Mumba a young and vibrant youth, who is passionate about impacting people’s lives. Her worthy selection reflects the outstanding contribution she has already made in her native Zambia. She is a future leader. In taking her enthusiasm for effecting change in communities to the United Nations her impact will be spread further.

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