Everything You Need to Know About the FALA Event and New Years’ Service of 2018!

1. There were 10 Glorious FALA champions

Out of the 30 nominees, the Future African Leaders foundation (FALF) had to ultimately whittle down the selection to 10 lucky recipients. Though incredibly challenging, the final 10 FALF winners were all notable contenders who showed outstanding leadership skills, passion and initiative, collectively repairing the some of the most broken communities throughout Africa. To find more about them, click here. 

2. Surprise Guests graced the Loveworld Convocation Arena

Among the many of the esteemed guests and members of Christ Embassy, the eventful evening was also attended by the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo and the minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung. Together with Pastor Chris, Dalung and Obasanjo awarded the well deserving FALA recipients with their prestigious prizes.

3. Sensational performances

The sights and sounds that exploded upon the stage of the Loveworld Convocation Arena was a sensory delight. An array of LMAM gospel artists such as Frank Edwards, CSO & Israel Strong, UR Flames, Testimony Jaga and so much more dazzled the brethren with their breathtaking performances, elevating the hearts of anyone who witnessed.

4. It was the most widely televised event in the ministry’s history

The massive audience was not just limited to those who physically attended the Loveworld Arena. Hordes of men and women of God were fortunate enough to witness the grand event in the comfort of their own homes thanks to an exclusive live special. The live broadcast was available on both Ceflix and all Loveworld platforms 

5. The word of the year was declared!

The Loveworld president announced the year of 2019 to be “the year of lights“. In his address to the teeming crowd, he revealed the message behind the new theme of 2019, explaining the various different elements of lights.

“There are different kinds of lights. Some are for illuminations, some are for leadership, guidance, some are for empowerment some are for signs and wonders, signs and seasons. What’s about to happen through the church of Jesus Christ, the Bible tells us as the days get closer and closer to the return of Jesus Christ, gross darkness will cover the earths, he says thick darkness will cover the earths. He’s talking about spiritual darkness – but in the midst of this, your light will so shine. The darker the darkness the more brightly you shine.”


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